Watch the first 19 minutes of the deliciously colorful Wandersong

I’ve had my eye on Wandersong since I first saw the trailer back in January. Successfully funded through Kickstarter, Wandersong follows a jovial bard in his quest to save the world through song. If it sounds silly, perhaps to the point of absurdity, that’s because it is. Creator Greg Lobanov knows this and addresses this in both thoughtful and comedic ways. It turns out that there is an endless number of ways singing a song can help you over life’s hurdles. I’m convinced of that after my time with the game. But don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself (and catch our review) when Wandersong hits PC, Mac, and the Nintendo Switch on Sept. 27. Until then you can watch roughly the first 20 minutes of the game below!

What did you think? Let us know if you’ll want to try it when it comes out at the end of the week!

Written by Marcus Garrett

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Wandersong’s commitment to non-violence is both endearing and frustrating