The Star Wars Battlefront Beta is awesome and now you can see it for yourself!

This is it you guys, the day we’ve all been waiting for for years: the release of the Star Wars Battlefront beta! Maybe we haven’t been waiting for so long for the beta, but for a sequel to the insanely fun Battlefront games on the PS2 (was it really that long ago?) The official beta is now live, but I was extremely fortunate to receive an early access beta code, so I’ve had a lot of hands-on time with the game in the past two days. Guys, you can finally let out a sigh of relief because the hype is real – this game is incredible.

The beta offers three different modes for gamers to experience: Walker Assault on Hoth, a massive 40 person battle which lets players run around the battlefront, take control of vehicles and heroes, and live out the epic Star Wars fantasy we’ve always dreamed of, Drop Zone on Sullust, 8 vs. 8 battles where escape pods are crashing down and you and your team must fight to control them, and Survival on Tatooine, a mode you can play by yourself or with a friend – either online or splitscreen – where you battle to hold off waves of Imperial forces including AT-STs, TIE fighters, elite stormtroopers and more.

First, let’s talk about the graphics of this game. We’re only in beta mode right now, and the graphics are insane. The game plays at 60 frames per second (meaning it’s really fluid) and the graphics are so top notch that, I sometimes forgot that I was playing a video game. The detail in every part of the map in meticulously crafted, which sometimes caused me to die because I would look up to the sky and get lost in a trance as I watched TIE Fighters duke it out with X-Wings. You can really tell that developer DICE, went into LucasArts and used photogrammetry to capture sounds and models of everything from the original trilogy. When you fire a blaster in the game, it sounds exactly like the one you hear in the movie, which is what helps this game immerse you into the world you play in.

The gameplay itself is also amazing, playing out a lot like Battlefield, but with some twists. You can choose to play in either first person or third person, you never need to reload (instead there’s a cooldown time if you fire for too long), and, of course, you get to take control of Star Wars vehicles and heroes (only Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in the beta). I found myself playing for hours and not realizing it – this game is just so much fun. Drop Zone on Sullust is really entertaining, and it’s also cool because it’s a brand new planet that DICE, under the guidance of LucasArts, has introduced into Star Wars canon.

Most of my time was consumed playing Walker Assault, which is an insanely fun all-out Star Wars warfare. Playing as the heroes is where the game gets really interesting, and I was only able to control one once (but it was freaking awesome). Walking around as Darth Vader was unbelievably entertaining, and I found myself really getting into it and shouting at the rebel scum I was annihilating.

Overall, the final game is shaping up to be just as good if not better than what players hoped for, and I love that. I’ve been needing some Star Wars in my life, and to finally have a playable version in my hands…let’s just say I freaked out when I received a code (it consisted of excessive shouts of joy and an embarrassing happy dance). I can’t wait for you guys to play the beta and experience it for yourselves! It’s only running until October 12th, so play it as much as you can before the long wait until November!

Check out Top Shelf Gaming’s first ever live stream featuring the Battlefront Beta below and do yourself a favor and download the game remotely while you’re at work or school and have it waiting for you when you get home.

So what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to playing the beta? Have you already played it? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Written by Joey Mannino

Joey is studying Creative Writing with the hopes to one day write games for Bungie or Naughty Dog. He absolutely loves his PS4 and has been a loyal Sony fan ever since he first played Jak and Daxter. His passion for video games shines through all of his work, especially when he's proving Microsoft fanboys wrong.

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