TSG Asks: What games will you play during your Thanksgiving break?

The TSG staff is largely comprised of college interns. Today marks the first official day of their Thanksgiving break. While it is a time to catch up with family and on sleep, it’s all the perfect time get some quality game time. Most of our backlogs have grown shamefully large as the year has gone on, but now we can finally start checking things off of our list. That’s why this week we’re asking:

What games will you play during your Thanksgiving break?

I’ve never been a huge fan of Telltale games, but after listening to a podcast featuring the voice of Joker from the Telltale Batman series, I wanted to give it a try. When I heard the game was coming to Switch, I decided to wait for that version. Now, it’s out and I’m using my break to play through all five episodes of the first season. That’s a lot of Gotham to swallow in one go.

Alternatively, it would be nice to finally get back to Horizon: Zero Dawn which was criminally underplayed due to its release coinciding with Zelda’s. I loved the first few hours, but I haven’t done so much as booted it up since Breath of the Wild came into my life. Horizon deserves my attention, but we’ll see if I actually get around to it.

I’m going to Toronto and Boston during Thanksgiving so I will be spending a lot of time with my Nintendo Switch on the plane. I’ve been putting hours and hours into Breath of the Wild ever since I bought my Switch but I still have so many shrines and Korok seeds to find. My main goal is to beat all the four Divine Beasts or perhaps even beat Ganon by the end of Thanksgiving. I’ve also recently bought Super Mario Odyssey and fell in love with it. All of the different monsters I can control with Cappy is mind-breaking and it makes such a typical Mario game so much more exciting and interesting to play. Although I love this game, I was unable to play it much because of my school work so I’m definitely excited that I will be able to play it a lot in the next few days.

I am returning back home to San Diego over the Thanksgiving holiday, which allows me the perfect opportunity to play one of the hottest new games out: Battlefront II. However, I will not be playing the new Battlefront II and will instead return to the classic version which has recently had multiplayer servers restored. I resolved a long time ago to not buy the new game after a disappointing brush with its 2015 predecessor. It is still so fascinating to me that the original games which are over a decade old still hold more enjoyment, content, and replayability than their meticulously-crafted, beautiful-looking reboots. I don’t have any ill will towards the new Battlefront II (though I hear many reasons why other people should do so) and I will be more than happy shooting up some battle droids and stormtroopers in glorious standard definition with friends. It is my hope that this experience will help me to recapture the hundreds of hours of Galactic Conquest I spent playing in my childhood, an investment of time which I hear will only net you 1/517th of the necessary credits to unlock Darth Vader in the new game.

Thanksgiving couldn’t come any sooner. I have a ton of games that I want to get to play, in particular, Super Mario Odyssey and Persona 5. I’ve been avoiding any major videos or social media posts on them since I know I won’t get the chance to play them anytime soon (or in Persona 5’s case, have enough free time to sit down with it). Seeing how excited people are for Mario Odyssey gives me hope that the game will be just as promising as how it was shown at E3. Plus, it’s been a long time since I’ve played a platformer that is NOT Kirby, so I am definitely going to savor every moment of it. Afterwards, I’m thinking of making more progress in Persona 5 before the PlayStation 4 at my house gathers any more dust. Here’s hoping that everyone enjoys their well-deserved break!

Assuming I will have free time while I’m not writing my master’s thesis, there are two games I will be playing: Cuphead and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I bought Cuphead months ago, falling in love with its oft-mentioned amazing art and difficult bosses. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to complete it yet. While I’m in-between bosses and need to take a break, lest I smash my controller out of frustration, I’ll be playing New Leaf, my favorite of all the Animal Crossing games. I recently found my 3DS that I had thought lost for good and my villagers need me. It’ll be good to return to Buttland after all this time.

I finally got my hands on a physical copy of Bravely Default! I was told by a retailer that the cartridges sold out entirely due to high demand but limited stock, so I never got to play it before now. I’ll probably be spending my entire Thanksgiving break playing that after hearing how notoriously long the story is. I’ve actually played the sequel first because it was easier to find, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much has changed between the two editions in gameplay and character development. I should probably get around to finishing the first episode of Life is Strange though since it is a game that has been on the backburner for two (almost three) years. Not only that, but Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon release on the 17th, so maybe I’ll pick up a copy if I hear good reviews. However, Bravely Default is my priority for Thanksgiving break.

I’m celebrating Thanksgiving a week early which means I get a commitment-free 4 day weekend! I have a few games backlogged (okay, more than a few. Marcus has seen my shame), but I’m planning on spending most of my time on Assassin’s Creed Origins and Star Wars Battlefront II. Given Assassin’s Creed’s reputation and all the drama surrounding Battlefront these may seem like odd choices. But, so far, I’ve found Origins to be absolutely beautiful, surprisingly detailed, and fun to play once you wrap your head around the changes. As for Battlefront, the drama is real and not without warrant, but from my early experience with the final game, after all is said and done, things are not nearly as bad as I expected them to be, and most importantly, the game is a blast to play. Man, I’m really turning into a filthy casual…

I will be soaking in the cold rain of Seattle for the Thanksgiving break and I am very excited. This summer I started the game Owlboy so I am looking forward to booting up the old space-heater, plugging in my controller and finally finishing the game. Another game I would love to play during the break would be Mario Odyssey but unfortunately, as I do not own a Switch, I will be unable.

I am greatly anticipating putting my Switch to use for on-the-go gaming while I travel to see family, so Breath of the Wild and Splatoon will be occupying a lot of my time away from the computer. While at home however, I will be taking the opportunity to grind ladder on Overwatch, especially with Moira’s imminent release, as I hope to add her to my pool of heroes which is lacking in healers currently. She’s the first hero in the game to really feel like a magic caster type in terms of gameplay, and as she’s also Irish and a redhead like me, so I am definitely looking forward to when she’s patched live. Finally, I’ll also be spending a lot of time in Destiny 2, raiding with my clan and running Trials on my Warlock as we gear up and prepare for the Curse of Osiris expansion, launching in just three weeks.

What about you? What games do you have to catch up on? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Marcus Garrett

Marcus created Top Shelf Gaming to celebrate the awesome things about the video game industry while challenging the areas of the video game community that could be improved. He loves playing guitar and eating tacos, but never at the same time.

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