TSG Asks: Who will win the Game Awards?

Awards season is upon us yet again. For gamers everywhere that means it’s time to reflect on another bountiful year and there’s no better way to kick of this special season than with the gaming industry’s biggest celebration: The Game Awards. 2018 brought us incredible indie games, massive open worlds, inventive interactive narratives, and much, much more. This year’s Game Awards nominees are a great representation of the vast array of titles released this year with some intense competition for the coveted Game of the Year crown in particular. This week we discussed our predictions for the night’s big award and shared the winners that would make us happiest when posed the question: Who will win The Game Awards?

Most of the contenders this year are very deserving and it’s hard to go wrong either way, but I think the frontrunners are God of War and Red Dead. It’s hard to call it because they are both spectacular achievements for entirely different reasons. However, God of War is an easier game to wrap your head around. It has a broader mass appeal which may work in its favor. Still, after recently revisiting Celeste, I would be so happy if that game won. I’m not holding my breath, but I think its just as deserving as God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2.

There are at least four games nominated that all deserve Game of the Year, but I feel like the competition really comes down to Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War. When it comes down to it, I think God of War will take the night. Red Dead is undeniably impressive but I think there’s enough polarization around its deliberate obtuseness and difficulty to give God of War the edge given its incredible narrative and immediately satisfying gameplay. The award I most want to see, however, is Yuri Lowenthal winning Best Performance for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Lowenthal absolutely embodied Peter Parker, bringing both lighthearted friendliness and dramatic pathos in appropriate measure. His performance simply had a range that others didn’t this year, but I have a feeling it’ll go to either Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan) or Christopher Judge (Kratos).

For the first time since the Game Awards began, I have played every game of the year nominee! These are all truly fantastic games in their own right, but I feel pretty confident that God of War will take it. However, I agree with Marcus that seeing Celeste steal the show would be wonderful, and it’s not like it wouldn’t deserve it. To mix things up a bit more though, I’m going to throw my support for Soul Calibur to win Best Fighting Game. This game’s existence is a Hail Mary for the franchise,, and taking the award against Street Fighter 5 and Dragon Ball Fighterz would all but secure the series’ future. SC6 proved the game still has some soul (pun absolutely intended), but there’s still so much untapped potential.

Written by TSG Staff

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