Everything you need to know about Pyro’s new gear

Team Fortress 2’s Jungle Inferno update just dropped on Steam and with it a whole payload of brand new weapons ready for the Pyro to set a match ablaze.  Here’s everything you need to know about his new toys to get into the heat of things.

Gearing Up

The Contracker in use

Each new weapon for the Pyro can be obtained by completing a contract related to the weapon.  These contracts are located in the new Contracker menu, and must be completed in a loose sequence.  Upon selecting a contract to complete, players will be given a loaner (temporary) copy of the weapon to use to complete the contract.  (Protip: if your loaner version disappears before the contract is finished for any reason, activate a previous contract and then reactivate your current contract to receive the loaner again).  Once the contract is done, a permanent version of the weapon will be awarded.  

The Dragon’s Fury

The Stats

For the Pyro player with an affluence for aim, this weapon is unique among Pyro’s flamethrowers because instead of a spray of flames, the Dragon’s Fury shoots out a single ball of fire that travels a short distance before disappearing.  The projectile only deals 25 damage and inflicts afterburn, but successive shots that land will increase the weapon’s fire rate, and landing a hit on a burning target will deal 300% increased damage.  Like all flamethrowers, the weapon has an airblast, but be careful, as using the airblast will decrease the weapon’s fire rate briefly.  

Ranged flare guns complement the Fury’s short reach

The Strats

The Dragon’s Fury pairs well with secondaries like the Flare Gun and the Detonator to set your targets on fire at range before closing in to finish them off with the Fury.  Thanks to its high rate of fire, the Dragon’s Fury is also the only flamethrower able to score successive flame boosted hits on targets treading on the surface of water, which makes it a great partner for the Neon Annihilator’ aquatic based melee crits, to create the ultimate “Pyroshark” loadout.  

The Gas Passer

The Stats

Not to be confused with your uncle’s customary habits at family reunions, this secondary slot gas can operates on a meter that fills slowly over 30 seconds.  Once the meter is full, the gas can may be pulled out and thrown to detonate into a noxious cloud of fumes.  Enemies that enter the cloud are drenched in gasoline, and damaging them will set them ablaze with afterburn (even enemy Pyros, which are usually immune to afterburn).  

The Strats


Send them a message: everything burns

Running this weapon means going without a secondary for 30 seconds at a time or more, so it’s best paired with a powerful primary like the Degreaser or stock Flamethrower, both of which are strong defensive options since they are free from airblast penalties.


To complement this area denial setup, consider taking the Homewrecker to complete a highly defensive “Py-bro” playstyle.  As for the gas can itself, look to use it during critical moments during a large teamfight.  The gas cloud can cover multiple enemies, and given its long cooldown, you’ll want to hit as many people as possible with it to achieve maximum value.


The Thermal Thruster

The Stats

Reach for the stars (and scorch the earth) with this long awaited Pyro jetpack: an equippable secondary item that grants the Pyro the ability to perform boosted jumps through the air in the direction he is looking.  Additionally, the Pyro will deal 3x falling damage to anyone he lands on, and will push back enemies in a radius around him based on his falling velocity.  

The Strats

Thanks to the high mobility afforded, this weapon pairs best with a flanking style flamethrower like the Backburner or the Phlogistinator.  Melee weapons follow suit; consider taking roamer style options like the Powerjack or the Backscratcher.  Be wary of using this weapon too liberally though; the switch speed is very slow so you must carefully plan each jump to avoid ending up in the middle of a firefight while switching back to your flamethrower.  

The Hot Hand

The Stats

Tell your foes to talk to the hand with this trusty firefighter’s mitt.  The Hot Hand grants a movement speed burst on each successful hit at the cost of a 20% damage penalty.  

Give your team (and your enemies) a helping hand

The Strats

The Pyro is already a close quarters specialist, so the damage penalty is not a big issue.  However, the Hot Hand is best used as an escape tool, since the speed boost only activates on a successful hit, making it a nice counterpart to the more engage focused Powerjack.  Like the Powerjack, it is best used with a flanking loadout, so look to pair it with the Backburner or Phlogistinator.  Flanking secondaries like the Detonator or the Thermal Thruster will fill out the loadout, paving the way for you to rain down fiery destruction on your foes before dashing back to safety in a burst of speed.  

Take this advice to heart. You’ll carry your team. Literally.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to setting the jungle ablaze with the Pyro’s new toys in no time.  Just remember to practice proper fire safety by extinguishing your teammates (yes, even that pesky Scout jumping around your Medic’s head like a fly) and keep an eye out for those backstabbing Spies as you jetpack your way throughout the map.  

Written by Brendan Copley

Brendan Copley is a creative writing and game design student currently enrolled at Chapman University in Southern California. He is an avid gamer passionate about all aspects of game design, from narrative to art and competitive balance. When he's not grinding the competitive ladder in Overwatch, he works on a YouTube gaming channel where he teaches new players the ins and out of FPS games.

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