Take a road trip down memory lane with the SNES Classic

Nintendo gave us another chance to experience nostalgia and relive our childhood when they released the Super NES Classic, a limited edition product, on September 29th.


The SNES Classic emulates the original Super NES in design except for the size. It can sit perfectly in the palm of your hand, making it compact and easily transportable. Not only that, I was genuinely astonished with how light it was. I was afraid it would be fragile, given the plastic material, but it seems to be quite durable.

The most changes made to the SNES Classic compared to the original are purely functional. For example, in the back of the SNES Classic, there only two ports for a HDMI cord and a micro-USB power cord, both of which are, of course, included in the package. You can find the port design of the original SNES controllers on the front, which actually pops out to connect the new controllers.

The SNES Classic controllers are perfect replicas of the original if you discredit the length of the cords. There are no new added buttons and they even have the same tactile satisfaction when you click them! The plugs and ports for the controllers feature the same design as Nintendo’s Wii controller plug. Therefore, the plug and ports for the SNES Classic controllers are also the same as the NES Classic controllers, so the controller ports on the SNES Classic compatible with the Classic controllers and the Classic Pro controllers. Because the cords of the new controllers only stretch out to approximately 4.5 feet, not nearly as long as the original, you might want to consider investing in Wii Remote extension cables if you want to be farther away from your TV.

Software and Games

The SNES Classic comes preinstalled with 20 16-bit games, plus the long-awaited sequel, Star Fox 2. It includes best sellers such as Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, and Street Fighter II. To return to the main menu, you’ll have to push up on the reset button on the actual console. Each game has four suspend points to save your data for a later visit. (You can access these suspend points by pressing down on the D-pad while in the main menu.)

While we didn’t have the time to play through every single one of the games, we’ve sampled enough to immerse ourselves in nostalgia. Every title carries the weight of childhood memories, and just like in the nineties, most of these games were extremely engaging.

There are a variety of genres, from challenging platformers to fighting games and racing games as well as heavily involved RPGs. Some of them are single-player, but there are a good number of multiplayer games as well. It’s a wonderful line-up suited for a vast multitude of gamers of all ages, from your dad to your little cousin. With the two controllers included in the package, you’ll be able to relive old memories with your friends and family or make new ones.

Currently, the SNES Classic may be out of stock at major retailers depending on your location. With Nintendo making headway with their Switch, the NES Classic, and now the SNES Classic, hopefully, they’ll have more consoles in stock for the holiday season for everyone to enjoy.

Written by Jennifer Ly

Jennifer is an undergraduate pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science. She has minors in both English and Video Game Development. As an avid fan of RPGs, she enjoys game narrative, world building, and character development.

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