Give these FREE Overwatch Valentines from artist Valerie Valdivia to the heroes in your life!

Top Shelf Gaming is all about using video games to make a positive impact. That’s why we’re bringing you these adorable Overwatch Valentines from artist Valerie Valdivia to show people the romantic side of gaming. This year we have three original Valentines to dole out.

The first features a snuggly-looking Mei wearing an affectionate gaze with a heart-eyed Snowball hovering beside her. The next one gives a glimpse into what most fans have often wondered about: Can Winston pull? We’re here to tell you that yes, yes he can. Suitors tend to like his gentle giant persona and find his awkwardness oddly charming. Finally, we have one with Overwatch’s mascot hero Tracer saying her signature catchphrase. It was recently revealed in an official Overwatch comic that Tracer is in a romantic relationship so you can expect that she’ll have plans this evening.

Printable Overwatch Valentines

Click on the image below to view the full-size printable version of these Overwatch Valentines and share the love!

Overwatch Valentines with Mei, Winston, and Tracer

Find more from Valerie Valdivia

Does the name Valerie sound familiar to you? You may recognize as one of the co-hosts of Top Shelf Gaming’s #1 podcast, Trust Sircle, a weekly show where both gamers and non-gamers discuss various gaming topics. As the non-gamer of the show, Valerie has actually never played a second of Overwatch, but greatly enjoys the character design, lore, and art direction. She’s just as big a fan as any. In fact, she even painted these amazing Overwatch-themed Russian nesting dolls.

Overwatch Russian Nesting Dolls
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Valerie’s art is littered throughout the internet but you can find a lot of it on her official accounts:


Stay Tuned…

If you couldn’t tell by now. We’re big fans of Overwatch here at TSG. So much so that we are developing a second podcast dedicated to Overwatch. We’ll let you know more when we have details.

Written by TSG Staff

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