Overwatch’s Hanamura is coming to Heroes of the Storm

Hanamura Showdown Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard, the king of cross-game promotions, is at it again, refining their MOBA Heroes of the Storm and infusing it with some Overwatch. A large patch titled “Heroes of the Storm 2.0” was just recently released, kicking off a month-long event called “Hanamura Showdown” that will end on May 22nd. Until that time players will have the opportunity to open one “Mega bundle,” a randomized loot box featuring 20 heroes of a specific archetype and participate in the “Nexus Challenge: 2.0” which will provide in-game rewards for players who complete certain in-game tasks.

Also included in the update are two playable heroes from Blizzard’s first-person shooter Overwatch: Genji and D. Va. Genji is a cybernetic ninja and former member of the Shimada clan. Similar to Overwatch, Genji’s Heroes of the Storm iteration will be a fairly complex, low health character capable of dealing large amounts of damage in the right hands. His characteristic deflect and swift strike abilities will appear along with his signature Dragon Blade ultimate. Details regarding D. Va’s character have yet to be released, though if she’s anything like her Overwatch counterpart she will likely be a mobile and technical tank character.

These heroes are also bringing with them a new map: Hanamura. Former home to Genji and the Shimada clan, this map will feature “protected cores,” “escort payloads,” and “empowered payloads” as map objectives. The existing battleground pool will be reduced to just six maps until May 15th meaning you’ll probably be seeing a lot of Hanamura. New skins will also be added for heroes Auriel and Zarya. All in all, Heroes of the Storm’s update provides some interesting incentives to new and experienced players though it might not be the redefining event the title’s “2.0” suggests. Still, there’s no such thing as too much Overwatch and Blizzard’s commitment to updating their games and serving their communities is clearly alive and well.

Check out the trailer for Hanamura Showdown below!

[Source: Blizzard]

Written by Evan Maier-Zucchino

Evan graduated from Chapman University in 2017 with a BFA in creative writing and a minor in leadership studies. A love of storytelling propels his interest in video games, though he is equally comfortable on the battlefields of multiplayer games as in the middle of an RPG grind. When not gaming he can be found producing music, writing stories, or pondering the big questions in life.

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