Overwatch Halloween Event begins tomorrow

On October 3rd, Blizzard has confirmed that it will hold this year’s Halloween Terror event from October 10th through November 2nd on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.  This event will likely make a return of Junkenstein’s Revenge, the co-op mode where a team of four fights against waves of Zomnics and bosses. In addition, new Halloween-themed skins and many new emotes and sprays will also be released.

On twitter, Blizzard posted a teaser video which briefly shows off  the new Van Helsing skins for McCree and vampire skins for Reaper. They also included a poem with the video which reads : “ “The nights grow cold / And monsters appear / A great evil gathers / And Halloween draws near…”. This was a surprise because McCree and Reaper already had Halloween-themed skins from last year. But just like for summer sports games event, Blizzard is giving some of the heroes, same event – themed skins twice in a row.

No other specific information have been announced yet, but along with new items, Junkenstein’s Revenge may also return.This seems promising given that Junkenstein skin is featured again in the logo for this year’s event. From last year’s Halloween event, Junkenstein’s Revenge was a four player co-op brawl where the players can only use four of the characters, McCree, Solider 76, Hanzo and Ana. The objective of the game was to defend the castle gates in Adlerbrunn from Junkenstein and his creations. If Junkenstein’s Revenge does make the return, it would be very interesting to see what changes Blizzard has made to the brawl, just like Lucio’s new ultimate ability in this year’s Lucio Ball brawl.

[Source: ForceGaming]

Written by Se Jin Lee

Se Jin Lee is a computer science student currently enrolled at Sogang University in Korea. She came to Chapman University in Southern California for her exchange program. She is a passionate and a serious gamer who views games as one of the few powerful mediums capable of handling any issues and conveying messages to society. When she is not playing games, she likes to develop her own games.

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