New Overwatch character widens feminist ideals. Called your grandma lately?

To all you Overwatch players out there, Blizzard announced a new update introducing a new character.

Ana is a sniper, but has a support role. That’s right, a healing sniper.

Her abilities include: a Biotic Rifle which restores health to teammates and deals damage to opponents, has scope zoom to help accuracy of shots, a Sleep Dart which puts enemy to rest for a short time (being awaken by any damage), a Biotic Grenade which heals allies and deals damage in a small area, enemies in area cannot be healed for a short time, and a Nano Boost which allows allies to move faster, deal more damage, and receive less damage for a short time.

From a gamer’s point of view, Ana’s a great healer who doesn’t have to be in the heat of the fighting, and can still support the team from a distance.

Overwatch is building on its feminist ideals broadening their female representation with an older character, and a new generation building on its familial dynamic. Having this older character sets Overwatch even farther apart from other videogames by expressing individualism. Few other games out there have the opportunity of playing as an older female character. Ana brings a new perspective that players have rarely seen before; a love story between a mother and daughter.  Ana is the mother of Egyptian, Fareeha Amari (a.k.a. Pharah), an offense character whose backstory describes a daughter inspired by her mother’s actions in this peace-keeping team, Overwatch. Now we see the other side of the story, and why this protective mother wanted to keep her daughter out of the heat of the fight. She fights to protect her team and Pharah with no mention of romance, expressing woman empowerment only for herself, a completely feminist story. Ana was part of the original Overwatch team and saw her friends die off around her. After a serious injury, the public presumed her dead and she went into hiding. Later she decided to join the forces again, using her sniper skills to protect her team rather than be a sole killer; showing a dynamic change and serious character development.

Ana’s appearance is that of an older woman showing wrinkles and white hair in an adventurous braid. She has a great fighting stance and wears armor similar to a Destiny hunter. With all her abilities and voice lines, she’s the best mom out there.

There’s no release date yet, so keep your eyes peeled for a new patch. 

[Source: YouTube]

Written by Elisa Wright

Elisa is starting her life out trying new things like writing and gaming. Her goal will be finished when people finally treat each other equally despite gender, race, sexuality, etc. Eating, watching videos, listening to spotify and screaming, "Support the arts!" is what she does best.

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