Out of my League at the World Championship

The finals for League of Legends World Championship were held last Saturday in Seoul, South Korea at Sangam Stadium. As the week drew closer to the tournament, there were many viewing parties being held all over the world. While I looked through the League of Legends Reddit page, I saw that there was going to be a viewing party at the OC Fair. The event was only a few miles away; there was no reason not to go.

When I arrived at the venue, I did not expect to see many people there but I was completely wrong. According to the flyer on the website the event was expecting around 1,500 spectators and that was not a lie. There were so many people inside of this massive airplane hangar that there were not enough chairs for everyone to sit down in. I walked into the quad area to find gaming setups everywhere! I felt like I was at mini LAN center. There were sponsor booths, professional player and streamer meetups, cosplay contests, mini games and mini tournaments being held before the finals began.

The cosplayers at this event were very impressive; I could definitely see the amount of time and effort the fans put into their costumes. The cosplays were League related of course, ranging from Akali to Dr. Mundo to Zed. Since this was my first League of Legends event, it was magnificent to see how passionate and energetic the fans got when watching games or rooting for their favorite cosplayers. It was something that I have not seen in a very long time and was absolutely wonderful to experience again.

When it was time to watch the finals, the room started to fill up and the hype began to rise. The final teams competing for the world championship were Samsung White and Starhorn Royal Club. Samsung White was the fan favorite because they were battling for the World Championship on home soil. The crowd was in a constant frenzy all the way from the pick and ban phase to the actual combat. The energy matched that of a sporting event or concert; the amount of noise and love towards the game shocked me beyond belief.

The production of the event was outstanding due to the amount of activities there were for the spectators, the organized meet ups, and the smooth transition into the viewing of the finals. As a spectator I truly enjoyed the event and meeting fellow gamers who have the same passion as I do. Definitely looking forward to playing League of Legends when the new season starts, watching the League Championship Series and going to more events in the future.

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