2016 will be the Year of Pokémon!

pokemon go

Trainers, this is our time. It is an amazing year to be a Pokémon fan. The Pokémon company is going full force for the year of 2016. We have a lot to be excited about. Check out the upcoming updates below.

Bulbasauro_PosePokémon Go

Our world just got more interesting. In early September, The Pokémon Company decided to give its all in the mobile scene, alongside Pokémon Shuffle, with the announcement of Pokémon Go. This is an important move in the company’s plan to stay relevant given that the mobile gaming market is by far the largest and most accessible. As a long time fan, I’ve had many wishes for this company to break the monotony of the standard color games, even though I always end up loving them. (Ruby and Fire Red 5ever). Create an MMORPG, make sequels to other titles(Stadium, Snap, etc.), and tinker with new fighting mechanics(a topic brought up in another section of this article).

Now we have a reason to actually go outside

However, I, even during the imaginative, youthful phase of my mind in my highschool and college years, would never have concocted such an innovative and large scale idea. The possibilities of connecting with others in this format of play and environment are endless. People in and out of this fandom can join in and connect with each other as well as the developers of the app. I can’t even contain my excitement thinking about all the mystery gifts and different events that center around specific times of the year (Sufloras in the spring. Clefables during full moons). This concept is so vast that even if some of the population becomes disinterested after the first few weeks or months, there will always be a reason to come back, especially with updates. And even if they don’t come back, that’s just more room for me to become the next Pokémon Master.

squirtlePokémon XYZ

Following the Pokémon game rule of 3(Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, etc.), Pokémon Z is speculated to be released in 2016. Presented as one of the focuses in the new anime, Zygarde is shown to have five different forms, which seem to be dependent on its HP (Core, Cell, 10%, 50% and its mega form, Perfect). Along with this, Greninja is also revealed to have a new form. It’s nice to see Pokémon getting deeper into the use of forms(Rotoms, Aegislash, and Mega-evolutions). It adds new and fresh layers to its seemingly timeless combat system.


My expectations for this game, as always, are high. Pokémon Fire Red and Ruby are up there with my favorite games of all time. Although, it has been the same formula for years, I am usually far too entertained to even remember that I have already been on this adventure. If it isn’t broken, please don’t fix it. I just hope there isn’t too much water for the reviewers at IGN to handle. (HM03 too strong)

004Charmander_AG_animePokkén Tournament

The dream has come true. Although I am a fan of the turn-based, RNG combat system(sans critical hits) in the usual Pokémon games, it is refreshing to see the brand deviate into different forms of battle. Judging by the tournament matches at Pokémon World Championships we can see that the gameplay is a blend of multiple styles from other fighting games. Its combo system is comparable to that of Tekken, but it also has aspects of Marvel, Super Smash Bros. and even the Naruto fighting series. Most notably it shares similarities with the assist system, the importance of preserving shields and the 3D ring in which players traverse while dodging their opponents pokes as well as laying their own traps until they can push advantage get up close to fight where the game slowly takes a 2D view.


PicMonkey Collage
3D = Field Phase, 2D = Duel Phase

The game has been out for a while already, but only in arcades in Japan. Getting it launched on the Wii U is a significant move for both parties. The only issue I have with this game is the amount of characters in it. Only 10 have been announced so far. This could hurt its replay value as some characters and match ups may get tedious over time. Also as a grass type lover, I feel neglected in the lack of representation in this game. (Is it too much to ask for Bellossom?). Hopefully, DLC is being developed right now and will be released as the game settles into homes. I’m already preparing myself to play as Machamp. Shoot me a message if you want to catch these hands.

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Written by Renz Lorenzo

Renz is a big fan of multiplayer party games. Some of his favorites series' are Ratchet and Clank, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Pikmin and Mario Party. He loves playing with others and occasionally gets loud during intense moments of play.

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