I Did NOT Give You Consent

Running around in cosplay at a convention is a fun way to forget the worries of day to day life, though what happens when it becomes uncomfortable for the person in costume? That’s exactly what happens to countless cosplayers at every con. While it’s fun to go to Comic Con, it’s not fun to have guys leering over at you practically undressing your (fabulous) cosplay. You don’t want to have to worry about someone taking upskirt photos of your skirt while you’re walking around the dealer’s hall. It’s fun walking around showing off the goods you’ve made, but not when the people there are staring at your goods. And then there’s where I draw the line: when people touch you without consent.

We’re the cosplayers. We’re the entertainers in a sense. We parade around showing the world what we’ve created, and why SHOULDN’T we? Getting attention for our hard work is what we crave. We love getting recognition that what we’ve done is amazing and knowing that what we’ve made can be shared with those of our same fandoms. But the attention often given to cosplayers, especially those in revealing outfits, is not what we want or are asking for. There should not ever be a reason to touch someone in an inappropriate manner while they’re in cosplay IN THE MIDDLE OF A CON FLOOR (what you do in private is of no concern to me).

So then you may be asking, “What’s drawing the line?” What is the line between appropriate conduct and inappropriate when in regards to conventions.

“Hey, I love the way the cosplay turned out!”
-acceptable compliment

“Daaaaaaaaayum (followed by string of sexual innuendo)”
-not an acceptable comment

Generally, if it’s not something you’d do in day to day life, then you shouldn’t do it at a convention. Sexual comments and asking if the cosplayer will date you should obviously be among things you don’t ask. Groping and taking inappropriate photos is not only completely unacceptable, but also sexual harassment. Sexual harassment as in that thing that is illegal in most areas. Keep your hands to YOURSELF.

To the cosplayers: stay safe. I understand no one wants to have to be in constant supervision, but we don’t live in a perfect world. Even if you’re a straight girl, guys will still make advances. It’s  good idea to keep people with you, especially a handler. Preferably male because guys are typically more intimidated by other guys.  We just have to deal with it until the world is more cos-friendly.

To the fans: be respectful. I know we’re excited to see people in our same fandoms, but know where to draw the line. We all want to have fun, but when you overstep boundaries, it ruins the fun for those you harass.

Written by Marissa Flores

Marissa is a part-time cosplayer and full-time weeb. She is more loyal to Miyamoto than her own mother.

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