Hulu is now the first streaming app available on the Nintendo Switch

On Nov. 9, about eight months after its launch, Nintendo Switch finally supports its first video streaming app, Hulu, a huge online streaming application similar to Netflix, featuring exclusive Subscription Video On Demand past seasons from shows like Seinfeld, South Park, Fargo and Fear the Walking Dead.

Even though the console’s predecessor, Wii U had media apps like Netflix, Hulu and Youtube, the Nintendo Switch launched without any media apps and has been almost entirely focused on games until now. Many people were hoping for availability of streaming media services on Switch because it’s a fantastic portable device that will also allow you to watch content on larger screens when traveling.

After the release of Hulu, we can expect more media apps like Youtube and Netflix to come down the road in the near future. With more media apps like Hulu launched, the Nintendo Switch will no longer be just a gaming device, but could potentially replace your tablets as streaming device.

Written by Se Jin Lee

Se Jin Lee is a computer science student currently enrolled at Sogang University in Korea. She came to Chapman University in Southern California for her exchange program. She is a passionate and a serious gamer who views games as one of the few powerful mediums capable of handling any issues and conveying messages to society. When she is not playing games, she likes to develop her own games.

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