‘Gone Home’ developers offered game for free in light of election results

Steve Gaynor, writer and designer of popular indie game Gone Home, offered the game for free for a limited time on via a tweet on November 12th as a form of “love and hope” in response to the recent election of Donald Trump. He also claimed all the donations for the game during this sale would go to Lambda Legal, an organization fighting for the civil liberties of the LGBTQ community and people living with HIV. Two days after Gaynor’s tweet, he tweeted the donations for Lambda Legal reached almost $15,000 and gave his sincerest thanks to donors for their generosity.

Gone Home was not the only game to be offered for free during this difficult time either, as Hexdragonal’s Arclight Cascade was also free for the same time and for the same reason. Their “Distract yourself” sale showed the following words from them: “The world is not in a great place right now. Distract yourself, as this is all we can offer.”

The results of the recent election scared a lot of people, and they need everyone’s support through this trying time. I think what these developers did was beautiful, showing we can all do something to show our support even if it seems we do not have much to give. The fact Steve Gaynor and Gone Home raised so much money for Lambda Legal is an amazing show of love from those who might feel powerless. We are not powerless, and we should not give up. Love and support each other through this and to the extent Donald Trump infringes on what so many fought so hard to achieve, fight him every step of the way.

[Source: Polygon]

Written by Kara Ashbeck

Kara is your resident Indie game consumer who likes anime waifus and husbandos a little too much. She studies Screenwriting at Chapman University and aspires to write her own video games.

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