GOG revives multiplayer for Pandemic’s Battlefront II

The beloved 2005 classic Star Wars Battlefront II, much like Anakin on Mustafar, is being brought back from the dead. In 2014 the multiplayer servers for the game were shut down essentially killing the game’s pc community unless players use third-party servers like Gameranger. Currently, anyone can go buy Star Wars Battlefront II for only 3.99$ from and test out the new multiplayer. announced that they were able to access the source code for Star Wars Battlefront II and, with permission and support from Disney, have decided to bring the multiplayer functionality live again. The support is PC only but supports the clients of both Steam and GOG Galaxy allowing for 64 player battles.  Although likely a marketing tool being used to promote the upcoming EA release of Star Wars Battlefront II, the fact that a game thought to be dead is revitalized is important.

With the reboot, GOG indicated that it would be possible to add multiplayer functionality to other older games. This is a good sign because players, more than ever, want to play older nostalgic games. If GOG, a company dedicated to selling new and retro games alike, can bolster their support of the classic multiplayer games, they will be very successful.

[Source: Kotaku]  

Written by Charlie Bruene

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