Destiny Hits 25 Million Registered Players

Destiny has always been a topic of debate – people love it and a lot of people hate it…or do they? Activision reported that there are currently 25 million registered players currently on Destiny, and these Guardians play an average of three hours every day. On top of this extraordinary feat, Destiny’s newest expansion, The Taken King, broke PlayStation download records the day it launched on September 15th. Since then, Destiny has become the most-watched console game on Twitch. To me, an avid Destiny fanatic, this is huge news, and to those who so often post comments jabbing “People still play this?” yes, people still, play Destiny (and a lot more people than you think).

Hunter Shadowshot

I recently wrote about why Destiny isn’t going anywhere, and this only proves my point. Destiny is a video game experience unlike any gamers have ever really seen. Most console gamers have never experienced what an MMO feels like, and for Bungie to be able to successfully merge the feeling of an MMO with a first person shooter is revolutionary – these numbers only perfectly demonstrate that. And with the recent addition of microtransactions into Destiny, Bungie is also proving that these can coexist with a free-to-play game environment, as long as they keep these purely cosmetic. As a huge Destiny fan, it excites me to hear this groundbreaking news because my favorite game is doing well. But, for those who are so quick to judge the game, I think this serves as a huge wake-up call; and hey, maybe now is the time to start playing – you may find that you actually enjoy it.

So what do you guys think? Is this shocking news to you? Do you love Destiny as much as me, do you hate it with a passion, or are you somewhere in between? Let me know in the comments below!

Written by Joey Mannino

Joey is studying Creative Writing with the hopes to one day write games for Bungie or Naughty Dog. He absolutely loves his PS4 and has been a loyal Sony fan ever since he first played Jak and Daxter. His passion for video games shines through all of his work, especially when he's proving Microsoft fanboys wrong.

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