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The post-E3 news cycle is expectedly slow. However, a couple of weeks removed from the conference we are finally starting to see notable game announcements. Check out our first impressions we’ve posted on Twitter using the hashtag #DailyHotTake.

The most ambitious crossover in Switch history

There hasn’t been a lot of news surrounding Labo since its release in April. While it sold really well, enough time has passed where many of these units have likely been recycled. For those who’ve kept their Labo Kits intact, there’s now another reason to fish them back out. The Nintendo Labo handlebars can be used to steer in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Hamtaro joins the fight

Blizzard announced a new hero for Overwatch. Hammond is a highly-intelligent and genetically-enhanced hamster who pilots a powerful mech. His backstory is ridiculous and yet somehow makes sense within the Overwatch universe. His abilities, including a grappling hook and an adaptive shield feature, significantly differentiate him from the other tanks in the game. To learn more, you can see the developer’s info dump on “Wrecking Ball” here.

Mario Tennis double faults its story mode

Mario Tennis Aces has an addictive multiplayer mode that is more akin to a fighting game than arcade tennis. However, the game’s adventure mode is pretty much hot filler garbage. It is simultaneously infuriating and tedious and not the single-player experience fans were hoping for.

Inside and Limbo now available on Switch

The return of the NES Classic

The ending of Far Cry 5 need to repent

For more on the game’s great music, read Devin’s analysis of how Far Cry 5’s soundtrack stacks up with actual contemporary Christian music.

Jim Carrey can’t unscramble this rotten egg


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