Celebrity Miitomo: Symphony of the Goddesses Edition!

Celebrity Miitomo at the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses

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It was a sunny afternoon, probably. I was where I usually am on such a lovely day, inside, maybe doing something kind of important. I was in the midst of this when my phone started ringing off the hook. It was my editor-in-chief, Marcus, and boy had he a bone to pick with me. “PORFIRI,” he barked in a manner that suggested he was going to ask me for pictures of Spider-Man. “Miitomo. Heard of it?” Heard of it? Of course I’d heard of it. I write about video games, for cryin’ out loud, I’m what they call In The Know. “Yeah, I know of it,” I said, doing something cool while I said it. “Didn’t we do an article or two about it already?”

“This is different!” Marcus shouted, a little too forcefully for my taste. “I need you to head down to the Dolby Theater during the rehearsals for The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses and get some interviews using Miitomo questions, like I did that one time!

Hmm. This would be a good chance to finally show the world what I could do. “Alright, boss, you got it.”

As I went to put the phone back on the hook he shouted out one more thing: “One more thing! Quit implying I sound like J. Jonah Jameson! And for that matter, we’re not even on the phone, we’re texting, so quit writing this intro like a bad film noir!”

Journalism’s a tough gig.


Role in Symphony: Producer

TSG owes a debt of gratitude to Jason Michael Paul for making this ridiculous article possible and allowing us to get insider access to the rehearsals for Symphony of the Goddesses. As the producer I suppose those kinds of perks come with the job. Hopefully the pointed edges of my questions would stand out against the Warriors game that was also on the TV.

What is your favorite TV show?

JMP: Bringing it back I really enjoyed watching the TV show Wild Wild West with my Dad. Pretty old school, like in the 60s.

If someone packed you a lunch, what would you want to find in it?

JMP: Uhm…I like Rice Krispie Treats.

Steven: Honestly, that’s a solid thing to find in your lunch.

What’s your favorite type of music?

JMP: I would say I listen to a lot of hip-hop, obviously video game music, classical music…but I would say I’m a hip-hop fan, I grew up on hip-hop. I’m pretty diverse, I like rock too, I listen to a lot of different music, but I would say most of my playlist includes hip-hop. There’s a lot of Kanye.

What’s a funny story that’s happened to you recently?

JMP: A funny story is…[Warriors game plays in the background] I think a funny story that hasn’t really happened to me but the world is the fact that Draymond Green is suspended for game five of the NBA finals. He hasn’t missed a game all season but on maybe the last game of the season he’s been basically expelled from the game. It’s not funny to me personally but I think it’s kinda “ha-ha” funny of the NBA trying to take people for granted. Like we’re not stupid, they’re just trying to make the series go for longer than five games and make more money.

Role in Symphony: Singer, Baritone

Josh had the distinction of being the first person I’d tried this format out on/cornered. Just like my first time doing anything, I was awkward and unsure of myself. Fortunately Josh’s soothing baritone lulled me into a state of relaxation that really allowed me to get to the meat of what these Miitomo questions were asking.

What was your most recent purchase?

Josh: Uhm, I would say my iPad.

What is a Mysterious Experience you have had?

Josh: Mysterious? In what way?

Steven: I dunno, just something unexplained. It doesn’t have to involve a spooky ghost or something.

Josh: Hmm…[Very long pause] I really can’t think of anything.

Steven: That’s absolutely okay, let’s try something else…

What’s your favorite type of music?

Josh: Ooh…That’s tough. I mean I like all kinds, every genre, every type of group.

If you could give your childhood self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Josh: Just live with no worries, do what you wanna do. Life’s too short, man. Too short.

Steven: Solid advice.

Josh: Yeah, I wish I could think of something for mysterious experience…Oh, I saw someone push someone out of the way of a bus recently! That’s pretty weird.

Steven: That’s definitely different.

Josh: Oh, yeah, and I woke myself up the other night at 3am humming Zelda.


Role in Symphony: Violinist

Most if not all of the performers and musicians in Symphony of the Goddesses are incredibly prolific professional musicians, and have played for a variety of reasons, including collaboration on other artists’ albums, playing for TV and film soundtracks, and of course in other prestigious orchestras. I kind of wish I’d known this before approaching Kathleen Sloan, who has accomplished  way more than I will in at least two or three lifetimes. Like did you know she performed with Andrea Bocelli, Stevie Wonder, and Adele, and collaborated with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Nicks and Daft Punk and recorded scores conducted by Danny Elfman? I’m sure this interview will be up there for her.

What is your favorite TV show right now?


Kathleen: Oh, well, I’m one of those people that doesn’t have TV. I have Netflix.

Steven: I know how that goes. Whaddyou like to watch on Netflix?

Kathleen: Bill Maher. Except I think he’s on HBO now, so…

Steven: Bill Maher works.

What memory most reminds you of your youth?

Kathleen: My youth…well I grew up on a ranch in Texas, so I would say anything out doors in the summer time…riding horses.

What is your favorite type of music?

Kathleen: Well, I guess, classical, cause that’s what I do for a living. But I also do a lot of pop and film music, I record a lot of film music in LA.



Role in Symphony: Cellist

Armen is First Cello in Symphony of the Goddesses, which is a pretty big deal. He’s also one of those guys who will absolutely destroy you when you list your accomplishments. This was belied by his calm demeanor as I managed to corner him while he was trapped and charging his phone.

What is your favorite thing to do on days off?

Armen: I hardly have any days off, [Laughs] but I’m a fanatic musician and I make a living mostly playing recording studios and orchestras and on days off I get together with people and play more music! …Outside of that I really enjoy traveling and seeing nature; I’m an avid whitewater river rafter and I go on multi-day river rafting tours down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and the Rogue River in Oregon, and we’ll take string quartets down there and play in nature. Get a free trip. Those are the things that really excite me a lot.

What is your most recent purchase?

Armen: Purchase?

Steven: Purchase.

Armen: Oh, jeez…I haven’t bought anything significant recently; I buy a lot of cat food cause my girlfriend and I have a lot of cats…Sometimes I buy things from swap meets, old stuff, antiques, reading material, old gadgets…not a lot of gadgets, my smartphone is probably my most recent and only gadget purchase. [Laughs]

If someone packed you a lunch, what would you want to find in it?

Armen: Depends on what I’m in the mood for, I certainly would like to have some fruit in it, any kind of fruit, apples, pears…are you talking about if someone packed me a lunch and brought it to me or if someone took me out?

Steven: If someone’s like “Hey, I packed you a lunch and it’s in the bag” what would you wanna find in it?

Armen: Right, cause then you kinda limit yourself, you don’t want bouillabaisse in a paper bag.

Steven: No, definitely.

Armen: Hmm…maybe salmon, a chicken salad sandwich would be good too.


Role in Symphony: Conductor

Being the conductor for this whole operation, the Wind Waker if you would, Amy Andersson was one of the most nerve-wracking people to decide to interview. Fortunately for us she was really cool about the whole thing, and welcomed the opportunity for us to bug her with questions from a video game.

What is your favorite type of music?

Amy:  I can’t answer that, I can’t single it down to one single type of music. I love jazz, I love rock, I love classical music, I love opera. The point is for me to embrace all of it and not whittle it down to like if I was trapped on a desert island what’s the last song I’d wanna listen to, I want to expand, and I just can’t…

Steven: Yeah, I collected these questions directly from Miitomo and I collected this one thinking “Ah, music people! I could ask them that!” But…

Amy: Yeah. [Laughs] That’s the bane of our existence…It’s like “Whose your favorite member of your family?” Don’t even go there. It’s like don’t make me choose, I love them all!

What is your most recent purchase?

Amy: Four T-shirts from the Nintendo store in New York City that I’ll wear to E3 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I brought three of ‘em. I got one with Ganondorf, I got one with the Triforce that kinda looks like a baseball shirt, one that just says “Nintendo Store”, and another that has Majora’s Mask, which is my fave.

If someone packed you a lunch, what would you want to find in it?

Amy: A big salad, with tons of greens, and garbanzo beans, and tomatoes, and chicken, kind of like the one I’m going to eat.

Written by Steven Porfiri

has never beaten Sephiroth but swears he has a friend that did it on the first try. He has a degree in Screenwriting from Chapman University and has a storied history of watching his friend play Playstation.

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