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    Innerspace: gameplay vs design

    Many years ago I began watching video game reviews on the internet and stumbled across the now-defunct site called GameTrailers. The site attached a score between 1-100 to games by examining them in constituent parts: story, presentation, gameplay, and design. The first two categories, story and presentation, are pretty clear-cut, but the distinctions between what […] More

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    Long Live Single Player

    Everyone’s favorite publisher, Electronic Arts, managed to be at the center of numerous industry-wide conflicts in 2017. There were three incidents caused by the company that are particularly concerning for gamers: Mass Effect: Andromeda falling extremely short of expectations (an in-depth story for another time), the closure of Visceral Games and cancellation of their single […] More

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    Why single player games are more immersive than multiplayer games

    In a world where multiplayer games such as competitive shooters and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) are trending, it would appear as though single player games are a dying breed. However, there is a reason why single player games haven’t gone extinct. Instead of relying on the competitive element prominent in multiplayer games, narrative-driven single […] More

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    Why loot boxes are unethical and problematic in games

    At the first glance, loot boxes in games don’t resemble our image of gambling. We associate gambling with the image of luxurious casinos, full of people putting colorful chips into slot machines to win a jackpot. Although the resemblance is hard to notice on the surface of many video games, the similarity becomes more evident […] More

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    Why hopeless boss fights are a good idea

    Video games pit players against countless odds. No matter the difficulty, the player should come out victorious, driving them to continue playing. The player should feel like they are in control and that the only limitations are determined by the player’s skill. However, that is not always the case in certain games. Some titles require […] More

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    How Civilization VI (Mis)Represents Government

    First released in 1991, Sid Meier’s turn-based strategy games, the Civilization series, quickly captured the attention of gamers everywhere. Though not the first strategy game to allow players to play as historical civilizations and certainly not the last, it did allow players the unique opportunity to control a civilization from its beginnings in the Stone […] More

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    The Trouble With Healers: Overwatch’s Greatest Flaw

    “Can somebody go healer?” If you’ve spent any amount of time in Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch, you’ve probably heard those words from a fellow teammate at least once before.  In a cast of 20+ heroes that boast diversity and unique mechanics, Blizzard has made it a point to make the experience of playing a healer, which […] More

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    Nintendo’s decade-long struggle with technology

    When Nintendo unveiled the Wii in 2006 the console was a shock to the video game industry. Motion controls had long been a dream of gamers and the Big N’s console seemed poised to open the gateway into a new future. The underside of the reveal was the console’s underwhelming technical specifications, especially compared to […] More

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    Why I’m glad I bought Destiny 2 on PS4 instead of PC.

    I built my first PC last week, just in time to try out the Destiny 2 Beta. I fumbled through the introductory level while attempting to seriously learn keyboard controls for the first time. As I crawled my way between waves of enemies, I marveled at how beautiful the game looked running off the unbridled […] More

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    The Death of Valve

    I’m not one to shy away from controversial topics. I believe that discussing these sorts of disputed subjects can create a dialogue where opinions, especially unpopular ones, can be tested against one another without fear of digital retribution. I want to foster that sense of argument and debate, so that we don’t just accept everything […] More

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