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    10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your BlizzCon

    BlizzCon is less than two weeks away.  You waited anxiously to buy your ticket, booked a flight to Orange County, and reserved a hotel room.  But are you ready for the awesomeness that is BlizzCon?  With several cons under my belt, I’ve managed to figure out how to make the most out of my time […] More

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    The eSports Arena: A Gamer’s Haven

    As you walk in, you see epic blue and red lights illuminating either side of this impressive arena. There’s people to greet you and talk to you, and that’s when you see it: Right in front of you is a sea of 120 monster PC’s equipped with gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets. Immediately, you’re immersed […] More

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    eSports Won Heroes of the Dorm

    On Sunday, April 26, 2015, four teams competed head to head for college tuition in Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Dorm in Los Angeles, a competition where teams of five played Blizzard’s unreleased MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) “Heroes of the Storm.”  The Heroes of the Dorm began March 28 of this year, in which […] More

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    Out of my League at the World Championship

    The finals for League of Legends World Championship were held last Saturday in Seoul, South Korea at Sangam Stadium. As the week drew closer to the tournament, there were many viewing parties being held all over the world. While I looked through the League of Legends Reddit page, I saw that there was going to […] More

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    IndieCade is the Face of Video Game Innovation

    I went to IndieCade with Marissa exactly a week ago. We arrived at the venue and it surprised me to find that the event was entirely outdoors. One small Los Angeles block housed the 20 or so tents where all the games were. The setup didn’t impress or excite me like the grandeur of GameStop Expo did, […] More

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    Marcus vs GameStop Expo

    I attended the GameStop Expo last Wednesday, the first convention I’ve ever gone to as press. By now you’re probably used to my storytelling style of writing. If you’ve got a few minutes, let me take you on a journey through my day in paradise. The Journey Getting There The morning begins with some bad […] More

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    Anime California Connects with Con Fans

    There’s never a shortage of anime/gaming conventions in Southern California, though typically when you hear something along the lines of “first year” you think “ok, this will be a nice small convention”. I, myself, have been to multiple “first year” cons and although there’s something magical about being able to experience it, you’re often left […] More