Bungie’s Newest Update Hurts

The world of Destiny is ever changing, and this week is no exception. Bungie, with its newest update, introduced microtransactions into the world of Destiny, which has caused concern within the community, including myself. The microtransactions currently available are entirely cosmetic and do nothing to enhance gameplay, which personally I think is justifiable. I love the new emotes they have put into the game and was more than willing to spend some money on them. I mean, who doesn’t want to slow clap after defeating that one guy running around with a shotgun?

Slow Clap

Bungie also gave players enough of the new currency, titled Silver, to buy two emotes from the Eververse Trading Company. While I find this a nice gesture to players, I can’t help but think about what else they’ll make available to purchase with Silver. As of right now, I think players are starting to accept the cosmetic addition, but if Bungie goes any further, the community is always civil about letting Bungie know how upset players are (sarcasm intended).

Blowing a Kiss

In addition to the microtransactions, Iron Banner and the Trials of Osiris returned – well, at least one of them did. Personally, the Trials of Osiris is my favorite thing to do in Destiny, and I was so ready to compete this weekend. Unfortunately, in Bungie’s latest Weekly Update, they announced that Trials is being postponed due to a recent discovery of a bug in the Hunter’s Shadowshot super, which allows unlimited usage. I was honestly devastated by this news because I’ve been preparing my Warlock for the return of Trials since The Taken King was released, and now I’m forced to wait longer. Bungie is trying to make up for it by releasing the Hard Mode of the raid on the 23rd of October instead of the 30th, but my heart is still hurting.


So how do you guys feel? Does the introduction of microtransactions concern you? Were you looking forward to Trials as much as I was? Comment below and let me know!

Written by Joey Mannino

Joey is studying Creative Writing with the hopes to one day write games for Bungie or Naughty Dog. He absolutely loves his PS4 and has been a loyal Sony fan ever since he first played Jak and Daxter. His passion for video games shines through all of his work, especially when he's proving Microsoft fanboys wrong.

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