BlizzCon News: Overwatch

Blizzard’s highly anticipated upcoming team shooter Overwatch, the company’s first new IP since Starcraft in 1998, received a major announcement yesterday at Blizzcon, along with a new trailer. In addition to revealing the game’s tentative Spring 2016 release date, Overwatch was announced to be getting a console release as well. The game, previously PC exclusive like all other Blizzard titles, is being developed for Xbox One and PS4 in addition to the computer. The news is emblematic in Blizzard’s attempts to expand its fanbase into new demographics.

The other big development is that Overwatch will have a price tag attached. It was long speculated that the game would be a free-to-play title, much like Starcraft 2 or the revamped World of Warcraft. Instead, players can buy the game online and in stores. While a $30 standard edition will be available for download on PC, a full price “Origins Edition”, which includes DLC for all of Blizzard’s current games, can be bought in hard copy for all platforms.

I’m extremely excited about this news, to put it lightly. Overwatch was always on my radar, but only as an object of interest, not a serious consideration to buy. My PC explodes if it tries to run anything more advanced than Left 4 Dead, and free-to-play usually means pay-to-win, with stronger heroes and weapons locked behind a wall of microtransactions. With both of these hurdles lifted, Overwatch is definitely looking like a game I’ll be picking up.

You can watch the new trailer here, which in addition to the information above, demonstrates several new maps and heroes.

Are you as excited for Overwatch as I am? Is there anything else from BlizzCon that tickled your fancy? Talk all about it in the comments below!

Written by Ed Dutcher

Ed Dutcher is a screenwriting student at Chapman University. He owned a Super NES at one point and only learned how read so he could play Pokemon. You can also catch Ed running the gaming section at Crossfader Magazine.

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