Bid On Exclusive Signed Arkham Knight Posters For Charity!

Four limited signed posters featuring art from Rocksteady Games’ Batman: Arkham Knight are being auctioned off by charity Lively Minds. The auction ends on Sunday, June 24 at 12:30 Pacific Standard time.

The posters feature artwork of Batman, Scarecrow, The Joker, and Harley Quinn, and all four are signed by the entire Rocksteady Games team. These posters are completely unique, and are currently sitting at just 18 pounds ($26.39). “Arkham Knight”, released in 2015, overcame early performance issues to win awards, including the British Academy Games Award for Best British Game.

Lively Minds is a charity that focuses on training mothers and educators in Ghana and Uganda to run a series of games and exercises that bolster the cognitive growth of young children. Rather than providing aid, they send volunteers to teach, as they work under the philosophy that giving people the tools to make change is more helpful than financial aid.

Learn more about Lively Minds and how you can further help with their mission here.

Written by Adam Cash

is a recent college graduate and professional Internet writer guy. He's kind of embarrassed about how much he enjoys sports games, but he's starting to branch out and catch up with the rest of the cool gamer kids.

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