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    College class teaches students via video game

    Over the past several decades, video game oriented classes and majors have slowly entered college curriculum, but Texas A&M University has taken these forays into video game education one step further. For the first time, the University has introduced a course taught via video game, where the game is the college course. The game is […] More

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    Top 5 Star Wars games that deserve a revisit

    It’s early December and if you venture through the video game aisles at Target or Walmart, there’s one game you just can’t escape: Battlefront II (2017). The remake of the iconic, Star Wars: Battlefront II (from 2005) is currently suffering from a string of bad press revolving around loot boxes, impossibly high in-game prices for […] More

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    Russia caught using mobile game screenshots to interfere with US politics

    The Russian Defense Ministry released images from November 9th, which apparently showed a drone’s eye view of US Forces helping to lead three ISIS trucks into Eastern Syria. The image had the potential to start global controversy with enormous backlash against America both from other global powers and its own citizens. However, the image was […] More

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    Video game consoles sales suggest a resurgence in home console popularity

    Consoles are back in style, or are at the very least, enjoying a resurgence. Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are all benefiting from strong console sales, helping to alleviate fears that mobile devices and games would drive business away from home consoles. This fear was reinforced by low-earning console debuts such as the Wii U, that […] More

  • Loading Screen for Schmoedown

    Ultimate Movie Trivia Schmoedown review

    Trivia games. They’ve been around for a long, long time and whether you’re playing in a Trivial Pursuit championship, an online quiz that determines your level of nerd cred, or an old Scene-It from 2005, you’ve probably experienced the burst of excitement when you blindly guess correctly or the crippling despair when you’re picturing the […] More

  • A UK pound and video game controller used to buy/play Loot Boxes

    Are loot boxes gambling? The UK doesn’t think so

    The UK Parliament has finally issued a response to a massive petition from concerned UK citizens to classify video game loot boxes (here classified as in-game purchases that allow players to randomly get a new, potentially rare in-game item) as a form of gambling. The petition itself outlined a plan to at the very least, […] More

  • Theatrical poster for Late Shift

    Late Shift: The Video Game/Film Singularity is Coming

    Video games and films may be coming closer together. On Oct. 11, Paramount Studio executives hosted a screening of the experimental “interactive” film, Late Shift, for an audience of around one hundred film executives and students on the Paramount lot. While Late Shift is not the first interactive film, it is one of the most […] More

  • Where the Water Tastes Like Wine title

    Where the Water Tastes Like Wine: Story time with Johnnemann Nordhagen

    Several weeks ago, I went to IndieCade with the other writers in Top Shelf Gaming. The convention was amazing and there were several games that caught my eye, but none truly intrigued me as much as Where the Water Tastes Like Wine. In the game, you play as a vagrant making your way across the […] More

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    How Civilization VI (Mis)Represents Government

    First released in 1991, Sid Meier’s turn-based strategy games, the Civilization series, quickly captured the attention of gamers everywhere. Though not the first strategy game to allow players to play as historical civilizations and certainly not the last, it did allow players the unique opportunity to control a civilization from its beginnings in the Stone […] More

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    Racist mobile game “Dirty Chinese Restaurant” pulled before release

    An offensive new game from Canadian production company, Big-o-tree Games (yes, it is a pun), has been cancelled and pulled from release from iOS and Android app stores. The game in question, Dirty Chinese Restaurant, was pulled on October 5th with Big-o-trees Games releasing a short statement saying that they have pulled the game and […] More

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    International Olympic committee currently testing video games as future events

    Competitive video gaming just got one step closer to becoming an Olympic sport. The Olympic Council of Asia officially included competitive video gaming, also called Esports, in a demonstration event held in its Asian Indoors and Martial Arts Games venue. Here, nine countries competed in four different games including Starcraft and Hearthstone to a crowd […] More

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