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    2016 will be the Year of Pokémon!

    Trainers, this is our time. It is an amazing year to be a Pokémon fan. The Pokémon company is going full force for the year of 2016. We have a lot to be excited about. Check out the upcoming updates below. Pokémon Go Our world just got more interesting. In early September, The Pokémon Company […] More

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    The Best Legend of Zelda Soundtrack! (Ticket Winners Announced)

    Welcome to the end of Top Shelf Gaming’s Zelda Symphony Week. From all the great content to our first ever giveaway, this has truly been a very memorable week for TSG. Speaking of our giveaway, to enter everyone had to vote for their favorite Zelda soundtrack. The Legend of Zelda series is known for its […] More

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    When Music And Gaming Link: The Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses

    When different forms of art meet as if destined to, the atmosphere, though soothing, sometimes makes me feel offbeat. There is always the thought that this type of joy may only prove to be temporary. Even with good music videos, fun movies based off of books and poems explicitly inspired by paintings, to me, the […] More

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    EA and E3 Hype: It’s In The Games

    Electronic Arts (EA) is a company known for their stunning and action filled video games. As the presenters stated, EA is all about play and innovation from the community. “The world is a better place when we make time to play” “Our shared passion we have for play drives creativity in all our games.” The […] More

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    How Smash 4 Hyped The World

    Note: For those uninterested in my short introduction, click here to access the story I compiled. With the implementation of the new Super Smash Bros. patch, now is an excellent time to recap the story of Smash 4. For those who are not familiar with Smash lingo, to hype is to use anticipation in order […] More

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    The Art of Pikmin

    Introduction 11 days since proper sleep: Given the trend of the last couple articles I’ve written, it is apparent that my inspiration comes well after sundown. Just last night I found myself watching the gameplay of one of my favorite childhood games, Pikmin. And just tonight, I find myself sitting in a library past midnight […] More

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    Joining Wikipedia Because of Video Game Addiction

    Just recently I stayed up past 4am lying in bed with a laptop on my stomach and my chin almost touching my chest. My face was lit by the flickering whiteness of the screen as various clips of random, nostalgic video games played before my eyes. The morning after, I suffered through both of my […] More

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    Question of the Week: Storylines

    This week the writing staff tackled the importance of stories in video games. Given the rise of mobile gaming and multiplayer experiences as well as the rise in large-scale, single player epics and movie interpretations of video games, the balance between story and entertainment is a topic worth discussing. Here is the question I presented […] More

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    Writing for Top Shelf Gaming: Digital Purgatory

    Note: Last week I was asked to write this blog post and submit it to be workshopped by my peers. This piece is a reaction and analysis of itself. (Very meta). Know that I feel more comfortable now that you, my nameless audience, is reading this instead of my peers in the real world who […] More

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