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  • A screenshot from the indie game Celeste shows heroin Madeline being pursued by her evil clones.


    It’s been almost three years since anything new has been posted on the site. This time last year I was making arrangements to shut the site down for good, contacting all my former writers to see which of their articles they’d like archived. But then my former editor-in-chief Evan paid the hosting fees to keep […] More

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    Game of the Month Recap: Shadow of the Colossus (Feb 2018)

    Here’s the latest Game of the Month video recapping all our winners of 2018. Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most refreshing games we’ve played in a while, and it’s not even a new game. Congratulations to Bluepoint for this amazing update on a true classic. View our original announcement here, which has […] More

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    The big takeaways from the Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct #DailyHotTake

    At last, Nintendo has graced eager fans with 40 minutes of info on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Everyone was hoping for some long-awaited character reveals and for Sakurai to finally shed some light on the peculiarly title Spirits game mode. Are fans happy? Spoiler alert: No, they never are. But here’s what we […] More

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    [UPDATED 10/30] Bowsette and other cool cosplay from LA Comic Con 2018

    Last weekend, I gallivanted around the Los Angeles Convention CenterĀ at LA Comic Con 2018 filming for a cosplay video that should come out later this week. While you wait for that, here are some photos of cosplayers who I thought were noteworthy, but who didn’t fit the theme of my video. More

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    Game of the Month Recap: Celeste (Jan 2018)

    We’re trying out an idea we’ve had for quite some time now. Moving forward, all of our Game of the Month winner announcements will be accompanied by a video. Instead of awkwardly starting in October, we’ve decided to catch for the whole year. Expect one Game of the Month video every week through January until […] More

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    What happens when you combine Super Mario Party with alcohol?

    Mario Party has been turning friends into enemies since 1998. Everyone on staff has fond memories of playing the Nintendo 64 entries. Over the years, the game has strayed away from its classic board game formula, but Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch is a true return to form. So the Top Shelf Gaming staff […] More

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    Rockstar Games is proud of 100-hour work weeks? #DailyHotTake

    This week’s edition of #DailyHotTake is a special rant from our dear Devin Valdivia. He critiques the inhumane working conditions of Rockstar Games whose director Dan Houser expresses that members of his team worked 100 hour work weeks like it was a badge of honor. He had a few things to say about it, which […] More

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    God of War director weighs in on the Telltale Closure #DailyHotTake

    It’s a lighter week for news but many conversations regarding the 250 employees laid off by Telltale continue to rage on. Here are our thoughts from the week, including a Tweet for God of War director Cory Barlog. Telltale looks to finishing The Walking Dead despite closure As everyone waits to learn more about the […] More

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