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    Why single player games are more immersive than multiplayer games

    In a world where multiplayer games such as competitive shooters and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) are trending, it would appear as though single player games are a dying breed. However, there is a reason why single player games haven’t gone extinct. Instead of relying on the competitive element prominent in multiplayer games, narrative-driven single […] More

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    Super Mario Cereal hits stores December 11

    Nintendo and Kellogg’s have collaborated to create a Super Mario Cereal for your daily consumption and enjoyment — in more ways than one! It will not only help get your day started, but the box itself functions as an amiibo accessory. Using the Nintendo Switch’s NFC sensor, you can tap a section of the cereal […] More

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    Behind the scenes of Cat Sorter VR

    Cat Sorter VR, a virtual reality game developed for the HTC VIVE, was developed by indie developer and publisher Pawmigo, founded in 2016. In an interview with VentureBeat, founder Spencer Stuard said that “his team knew from the start that they wanted to make a VR game and a game with cats.” The result was […] More

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    Korea Esports Association raided by police on suspicion of embezzlement

    Former Chairman Jeon Byung-hun, a former South Korean congressman who served on the parliamentary Committee of Broadcasting and Communications, and three of his aides on the Korean Esports Association (KeSPA) have been detained on the grounds of bribery and money laundering as of November 7. Both the home of one aide and the KeSPA office […] More

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    What makes Ryuji from Persona 5 such a well-written character

    Overview Just like in films and books, characters are typically a prominent feature in video games. Sometimes, they are well-developed, and other times, their personalities and growth fall flat. In the case of well-developed characters, they may also be well-liked and, in some instances, may even begin to feel like an actual friend. Thus, you […] More

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    For the first time, Football Manager 2018 will have openly gay characters

    In Football Manager 2018, fictional football players generated in-game (“newgens” who replace retired members) will have a chance to come out as gay. “It’s not a message that everyone is going to see in the game,” Miles Jacobson, the game’s director, has stated. “It is quite rare, but we want it to be seen as […] More

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    Confirmed: Mario can wear Peach’s wedding dress in Super Mario Odyssey

    Adventure in style in the new Super Mario Odyssey, a 3D platformer that takes the player far away from the Mushroom Kingdom to explore new places and save Princess Peach from Bowser’s wedding plans! Released October 27th for the Nintendo Switch, the game allows the player to change Mario’s costumes and that, of course, includes […] More

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    CD Projekt Red addresses concerns regarding staff morale

    On October 16th, co-founder Marcin Iwinski and studio head Adam Badowski of CD Projekt Red have released an open letter on their official Twitter account regarding the negative reviews they have received on Glassdoor, a website where employees can rate companies and employers. Most of the reviews are concerned with long hours at the workplace, […] More

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    Take a road trip down memory lane with the SNES Classic

    Nintendo gave us another chance to experience nostalgia and relive our childhood when they released the Super NES Classic, a limited edition product, on September 29th. Hardware The SNES Classic emulates the original Super NES in design except for the size. It can sit perfectly in the palm of your hand, making it compact and […] More

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    Discord launches verified servers

    Game developers and publishers will be able to sign up for verified servers on the official website for Discord. These servers will be run by community managers and employees of the verified companies, and players will be able to join the official Discord channel to give them a chance to “get official news and updates, […] More

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    Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon reveals story in new trailer

    The newest trailer for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon from the Official Pokémon YouTube Channel boasts that players can “travel beyond Alola” via the ultra wormholes. Introduced in its predecessor, Pokemon Sun and Moon, players access through portals by riding on Legendary Pokémon from the previous installment, Solgaleo or Lunala. The trailer displays various locations […] More

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    Final Fantasy: Dad of Light showcases the healing power of video games

    My first encounter with the Final Fantasy franchise was actually through Kingdom Hearts fifteen years ago. At five years old, I was entirely captivated by traveling to different Disney worlds and saving them from the dark, vile creatures known as Heartless. Being five years old though, I wasn’t the most skilled gamer. As a result, […] More

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