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    The Nintendo NX Is Portable and Uses Cartridges

    July 26th was a day like any other summertime Tuesday. Comic-Con had just ended, so it was probably going to be a slow news day. It was hot and muggy both outside and inside, and many a TSG news writer was sweating it out by their computer, waiting anxiously for the next gaming news tidbit or spontaneous announcement. […] More

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    Sega Announces Two(!) New “Sonic” Games for 2017

    Sega announced at Comic-Con that everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog and, more recently, social media memester Sonic the Hedgehog will be returning with two new games in 2017. The first game, titled Sonic Mania, is an old-school 2D platformer in the vein of the original Sega Genesis titles. Sega is developing the title in conjunction with Christian […] More

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    NES Classic Edition Brings “Old-School” Nintendo to the 21st Century

    Nintendo is planning to release a smaller, cheaper version of the Nintendo Entertainment System called the “NES Classic Edition”. This bite-sized classic console clone will run for 60 dollars, and will come preloaded with 30 of the NES’ most-loved games. The outward appearance emulates the original console, and includes a controller that is designed to function […] More

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    Assassin’s Creed Producer Starts Adaptation-Focused Studio

    Producer Jean-Julien Barronet, former head of Ubisoft Motion Pictures and a producer of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed film, is starting Marla Studios, a new film production company that will focus on adapting video game franchises to feature films. Barronet left Ubisoft three months ago, in a split that was reported as “amicable”. His contributions to […] More

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    God of War To Feature “More Diverse Emotional Palette”

    The God of War semi-reboot featured at Sony’s E3 conference featured noticeably more emotional notes than what the critically acclaimed mythology-influenced beat ’em up series has in the past, and according to a VentureBeat interview with God of War 4 director Cory Barlog, that is a very intentional and deliberate change. Though, according to Barlog, there was pushback […] More

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    “Civilization” Is Headed To Classrooms Near You

    One of our favorite cultural trappings thematically is rose-tinted reminiscence of our adolescence. Getting in trouble with friends, awkward first kisses, getting beat out for the lead in the school play just because the other guy was a senior (okay, maybe that was just me). For many, high school is a time to be remembered […] More

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    Bid On Exclusive Signed Arkham Knight Posters For Charity!

    Four limited signed posters featuring art from Rocksteady Games’ Batman: Arkham Knight are being auctioned off by charity Lively Minds. The auction ends on Sunday, June 24 at 12:30 Pacific Standard time. The posters feature artwork of Batman, Scarecrow, The Joker, and Harley Quinn, and all four are signed by the entire Rocksteady Games team. These […] More

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    Sony Brings Old Stuff and New Stuff at E3 2016

    Sony had quite a few interesting PS4 titles to showcase this year at E3, as well as a nice mix of new properties and highly anticipated sequels. Here’s what we saw at Sony’s E3 showcase this year. GOD OF WAR A ten minute gameplay trailer for the upcoming God of War semi-reboot was shown, which […] More

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    Follow E3 With Top Shelf Gaming!

    Want to keep up with the happenings at E3 but don’t want to watch the live streams? We’ve got you covered! We’ll have the latest from the video game industry’s Christmas Day right here on Top Shelf Gaming. If you do want to watch the live streams, go to to follow the action yourself. Here are […] More

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    EA Games presses play to jumpstart E3 2016 with major announcements

    While EA didn’t technically take part in the E3 festivities this year, opting instead to have their own events (one in Los Angeles and one in London) to showcase their upcoming games, they still did host a press conference with a few announcements for the upcoming year. Here are some of the highlights: TITANFALL 2 […] More

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    We Learned A Lot About Pokemon Sun and Moon This Week

    Around a month ago, Nintendo released a trailer on YouTube that revealed the names, types and designs of the Generation VII starters. Last Thursday, they followed it up with a second trailer that revealed information about the games’ Legendary mascot Pokemon, as well as several of the players in the plot. So, for those of you, like […] More

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    Overwatch Brings Down the Ban Hammer on Cheaters

    Blizzard has banned thousands of Overwatch players who were reported for cheating or hacking into the game from PvP play, according to an announcement on the forum. The exact number of players who were banned isn’t clear, but in a post on the Chinese forums, Blizzard listed the tags of around 1,500 users who had […] More

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