Top 10 new features to make Animal Crossing on Switch amazing

Nintendo announced a new Animal Crossing game, a series in which you build a happy life for yourself in a town inhabited by quirky animals, for the Switch during the Nintendo Direct on Sept. 13. When exactly is it coming out? Who knows! But since it’s on its way, what better way to build hype than by dreaming up new features we want to see in the next Animal Crossing? Here are 10 features that I would personally love to see in the next Animal Crossing game.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS was a breakthrough game for the series. Not only could you decorate houses and buildings to your heart’s content with hundreds of furnishings, you could easily place these items using the touch screen, instead of manually moving them with the d-pad. Let’s have these ideas come over to the Switch as well as customizing your own town buildings like the Town Hall and the Roost Cafe by perhaps changing the design of the doors, windows, and more like you do in the MySims or perhaps just changing the color of the building like you did in Happy Home Designer.

Happy Home Designer, from the start, allows you to customize your character’s face. Why can’t it be like this at the beginning of Animal Crossing games instead of answering questions that will give you a random customization based on the way you answered the questions? You should also be able to change your character’s skin color; it’s not fair that the closest bit to different skin tones is basically just a sunburn.

Adding more jobs in the next Animal Crossing game would be a great way to earn Bells, the series’ currency. We got to work for the Roost Cafe in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I say we continue that, as well as being able to work for the Able sisters, the hair salon, Tom Nook Housing, Nookling Junction, and any other new places the Switch would offer like a music store. Besides jobs, another cute addition would be to have poetry nights being implemented into the Roost Cafe. You could write and perform your own poem and so can the villagers. I think it would be a cute addition- sometimes it can be deep poetry but most of the time it’s just silly stuff.

We need more items to collect besides just fossils, fish, bugs, and paintings. What Animal Crossing New Leaf should’ve done, for example, is used some of the mining minerals/gems like emerald, ruby, and gold, and have those be turned into the museum where they can show a description talking about each mineral/gem. That is just one of the ways that Animal Crossing on the Switch could do to increase the items needed to collect in the museum. That and if they added in little incentives or rewards that we would get whenever we added a certain amount of stuff to the museum, that would also be great.

Animal Crossing on the Switch would benefit greatly if it had a bigger town because towns often filled up very quickly in past games. There should be a lot of open land so that plenty of villagers can build homes and you can invest in more public work projects classics like lampposts, fountains, wind turbines, or perhaps new ones like a drive-in movie theater. I would like if you could build sports developments. I think they would be fun additions to the game because I can only play so many games of hide and seek at a time.

Similarly, Main Street should be expanded to include new shops and attractions to visit. Animal Crossing: New Leaf made Main Street a separate area from the town for the first time in the series, allowing for more personalization. And in Happy Home Designer you could even add a hospital, school, restaurant, music hall, and more to your Main Street. These ideas should carry over into the new Animal Crossing game. New locations can include a fire station, a library, grocery store, or an arcade.

Now, if they increase the town size, wouldn’t it take longer to walk across the whole town? That’s why I believe that if they do increase the town size, they should implement bikes and scooters to help the villager get around. As Ok Motors was featured in Animal Crossing Pocket camp, let’s have Giovanni, Beppe, and Carlo build their own vehicles shop in the next Animal Crossing installment. Adding a garage to your house would be a great spot to store your new vehicles.

Many Animal Crossing fans don’t live near a beach, so why not bring it to them? It would be cool to implement a lifeguard tower as a public work project, the ability to tan yourself, volleyball competitions, sandcastle building, and surfing. It would be fun seeing the villagers get wipeouts as they surf or be surprised by how beautiful one of the villager’s sandcastle turned out!

Don’t get me wrong, the online play has been great with the addition of the island in New Leaf but couldn’t it be better? For example, every little town has a train station. For people playing the Switch Animal Crossing locally, why not have those cities be connected to each other so the player is able to visit them? Adding in features that will set apart one city from another would make visiting cities all the more enjoyable. Also, if you are able to trade with people from different cities for rare bugs, food, and paintings, it would help us speed along our town to become the best diversitized town it can be!

Wouldn’t it be fun to use the ingredients you collect like fish and apples and make it into something delicious? Not only could you use this to make yummy food for yourself to eat, you can also give it to other villagers as a way to become better friends with them. If you run out of ingredients, just go to your brand new grocery store to buy them. Cooking is a marvelous hobby that should be shared in Animal Crossing on the Switch.

And that is it for my top 10 things I would personally love to see in Animal Crossing on the Switch? What are yours? Make sure to leave comments below and hopefully we will get our hands on the game pretty soon!

Written by Daisy Falzon

Daisy Falzon is majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in game development and entrepreneurship. Outside of writing novels, she enjoys playing many videogames.

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