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TSG is a collective of minds interested in gaming and nerd culture. Although we are not a comprehensive news source, we are dedicated to offering thought-provoking content through each of our unique voices and perspectives. The name itself was inspired from a scene in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph where Ralph and Vanellope bump fists with each other and say “Top shelf”.

Most people understand that video games are extremely popular and aren’t going away any time soon. Yet after four decades, many still dismiss gaming as an irrelevant and juvenile form of entertainment. Here at TSG, we recognize that video games are a deeply ingrained part of modern society. We believe that video games are not just something we play, but something larger that we participate in. They are a culture in and of themselves that can help us better understand the human experience.

Questions like “what is a gamer” or even “what is a video game” are becoming harder to define, but it is our hope that people seeking to answer these sorts of things will use TSG as a resource to help form or reinforce their own opinions. We seek to share stories about the gaming community and facilitate critical discussions regarding the games we play and the state of the gaming industry. Whether you’re a lifelong gamer, new to gaming, or just checking things out, TSG has a place for you on the top shelf!

Top Shelf Gaming originated as Tumblr blog in May 2014. 
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