Uncharted movie gets new director

Sony has announced that Shawn Levy will be the director for the Uncharted film adaptation. Levy has directed several episodes of the acclaimed Netflix show Stranger Things, and has stated that he will return to direct more episodes for the show’s second season. In addition, he has several movie credits to his name such as Real Steel and the Night at the Museum trilogy. Aided by the confirmation in July of writer Joe Carnahan’s involvement, the announcement should give the film’s production a boost in momentum.


Earlier in the year Sony actually dropped the Uncharted adaptation from its schedule of releases so this news serves to allay fears of its potential cancellation. The project has been in the works since 2009 with several directors having been attached to it over the years. There is still no release date for the film, but one can hope that with a confirmed writer and director production will begin in earnest.

Much of the Uncharted series’ acclaim rests on its cinematic storytelling and character development, often drawing comparisons to great adventure movies like Indiana Jones. As such the franchise is perfectly poised for a film adaptation, perhaps more so than any other video game series. With any luck, more news of the film’s production won’t be too far away.

[Source: IGN]