TSG Asks: What games are at your parties? Ft. Top Smash 4 Player Dabuz

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Imagine…Saturday night. Living room arranged. Chips. Dip. Soda. Seats faced towards the TV. TV plugged in and on. Your friends are coming over soon and you’re sitting in your room. Consoles: Wii U. PS4. Xbox One. Sega Genesis. Games: Shooters. Racers. Fighters. Mario-ers. Your phone dings. It’s the group text. Be there in 10. Another text. Be there in 5. Another. Here. 

*Fade out*

Though known(wrongfully) as a catalyst for anti-social behavior, video games have always been a fine centerpiece for any gathering among friends and acquaintances as well as a nice icebreaker for strangers who have just met. Each group is different. Some people prefer cooperative games, while others prefer competition. Some enjoy sports games, while others may want to get up and dance for points instead. That’s the beauty of video games. There’s at least one for everyone to enjoy. Now back to the story.

*Fade in*

You place your phone on you desk. A shy knock echoes from the other room. “On my way,” you say. You look at your games nervously. A voice whispers in your mind. It’s Top Shelf Gaming with their question of the week. We ask:

"You’re hosting a get together with 4+ friends. What games are you bringing out?"

Check out what our staff, our special guest and the community would do in this situation and leave your answers in the comment section below!


It’s been about a decade since I bought Mario Party 6 and my friends and I still have it as the go to game when everyone is around. The best part is that every time we play it, someone discovers a new trick or strategy to get ahead. We’ve spent so much time on it, I’ve been contemplating on whether or not I should get Mario Party 7 just to see where we can take that game.

For fighting games we default to either Smash Bros., Soul Calibur 4 or the Naruto fighting series. For FPS’s we play Halo or COD. Double Dash is our go to racer. Nintendo Land and Game & Wario feed our mini-game cravings. We even play Sims when we just want a good laugh. We also play a bunch of table top games when we’re too lazy to set up the TVs as well as multiplayer online games/apps on our phones. We’ll play just about anything as long as we’re all together.

Console: GameCube 
Genre: Party, Virtual Boardgame/Mini-game 
Price range: New - $90+, Used - $20+

amazon-1  200px-EBay_logo.svg

[one_fourth]ED - Copy[/one_fourth]

Okay I’ve got this: I like to run a playlist of titles whenever I have friends over to keep things fresh. Rocket League has most certainly become my new go-to party game. Like FIFA but actually fun and with cars. It’s one of the most split screen friendly titles I’ve picked up in ages and fosters reliance on both teamwork and player skill. Helldivers and Hydro Thunder Hurricane will also get busted out for quick “bumper” breaks. For fighters, Injustice, Persona 4 Arena, and Skullgirls make up my current retinue. And Halo 3 and Halo Reach, matchmaking or custom games, are still crowd pleasers years after release.

Release date: July 7, 2015
Consoles: PlayStation 4, PC
Genre: Sports meets cars meets physics
Price range: $20 
steam_512 PlayStation_logo

[one_fourth]Deva - Copy[/one_fourth]

Every year at close to Christmas, I go up to Washington to see friends.  We will meet up at someone’s house, have drinks and noms, and play games.  I bring Catch-Phrase with me every year.  It’s a group game – the more the merrier! – and anyone can play, even kids!

I also love playing Munchkins and Cards Against Humanity.  I’ll play any game that makes me laugh with my friends.

Consoles: Flat surface, preferably a table
Genre: Tabletop RPG
Price range: $17
SJG Munchkin Pathfinder coolstuffinc.com_logo

[one_fourth]Shannon - Copy[/one_fourth]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (or Melee if I want to break out my GameCube) is my immediate choice. Virtually everyone is familiar with it and with so many options to customize each battle, it could keep everyone entertained for hours.

I’ve been at parties where we’ve also played games with tons of mini-games in them, including ones which were rhythm-based (timing really is everything). Those were the types of games which were as fun to watch as they were to participate. If I could get my hands on any of those, I’d put them on in a heartbeat. Otherwise, Super Smash Bros. is my automatic favorite for entertaining.

Consoles: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Fighter, Party
Price range: Used - $20 New - $25 - $30
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[one_fourth]Joey - Copy[/one_fourth]

Multiplayer games are always entertaining and can actually be quite dangerous to friendships. Whenever my friends get together, we’re either playing Super Smash Bros, Mario Party, New Super Mario Bros (the Wii one), or a game we recently found on Playstation called Jackbox Party Pack. The Mario games specifically are dangerous because they are so competitive that you will start out with nothing but love for your friends, but by the end of the night, you’ve found a reason to despise every one of them because they either jumped on your character’s head, causing you to fall to your death (yeah, that’s you New Super Mario Bros), or stealing stars from you in Mario Party. Super Smash Bros is a game fit for any occasion, but it shines in parties because of the sheer fun it possesses. Which one of your friends is the best? Who can you annihilate everyone with? (Don’t challenge me when I’m using the Ice Climbers, seriously). And lastly, the Jackbox party games are easy to learn, fun, and can host up to 8 people. They all require you to use your smart phone to participate in mini games that usually entail you bring out your inner mastermind, creating very fun and competitive hours that you and your friends will likely never forget.

Consoles: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Genre: Party
Price range: Used - $25 - $30
unnamed (1)steam_512


If I am having a party and we are going to be gaming there are only three options really. FIFA. A game that actually requires some skill versus the button smashing that might ensue in the other two games on this list. It’s a game that you can split up 2v2 or even all four on the same team for some fancy passing and goals. Super Mario Strikers. No, not the fancy Charged remake they did for the Wii. I am talking about the old school, gritty, dirty, brutal onslaught that you can barely call soccer of a game that was released on gamecube. That game is so easy to get caught up in the hype and once sudden death hits you are on your feet, sweating, and screaming at each other. Super Smash Bros Wii U. Obvious choice really that I expect to be on everyone’s party list. With 8 player capability you have no excuse to invite all your friends. Every couple of years Nintendo makes another multiplayer phenomenon that makes you feel like you and your buddies will be smashing no matter what age you are.

Consoles: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Genre: Sports
Price range: Regular - $50, Deluxe - $70
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mug_marcusFor me it really depends on who I’m entertaining. I essentially built my entire Wii U library off of party games. If I have a group of hardcore gamers coming over then there’s no substitute for Smash Bros. It is universally loved and has never failed to attract a humble crowd of rowdy guys ready to assert their dominance. The best parties I went to in college were the ones with a projector in the backyard with Smash Bros. plugged into it.

However I can’t forget about my more pacifistic friends. When hosting a shindig for a more diverse group I break out Game & Wario, a collection of bite-sized games for the Wii U. With Game & Wario, the Wii U gamepad becomes a canvas for Pictionary or a catapult when playing Islands, a zany take on shuffleboard. Game & Wario is perhaps the best showcase of the Wii U’s potential to date, but moreover it is the source of many late night belly laughs and dozens of fond memories with friends.

Consoles: Wii U
Genre: Party
Price range: $30


I’d bust out just about every Nintendo game I got: Super Smash Bros, Mario Party, Mario Kart, all the multiplayer Nintendo games. Splatoon, even. I’ve also spent many hours playing Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale, which is pretty much Sony’s blatant ripoff of Smash Bros. It’s still fun, to be sure.

Consoles: PS3, PS Vita
Genre: Fighter
Price range: $10

unnamed (1)amazon-1

[one_fourth]Jesse - Copy[/one_fourth]

Well, we all know that there’s only one correct response: Super Smash Bro. Melee. This game came out well over a decade ago and is still played just as regularly by my friends and I as it was back then. However, Melee is not as much fun when you pit a newbie against my Yoshi, so for that scenario, you also can’t go wrong with any Mario Kart, Mario Party, or WarioWare game. I also bring Bomberman: Generation and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect if I’m hanging out with other gamers.

Consoles: PS2, Gamecube, Xbox
Genre: Shooter
Price range: New - $60, Used - $15
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As the site continues to grow, we will have guests join us and offer their own answers to the week's question. In addition, for your readerly pleasure, guests will also be answering questions from the week before as well as a simple, "What are you playing?", so we can get more of who they really areand their personality. 

We are honored to introduce our first ever guest this week, Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U top player, streamer and content creator, Dabuz. Dabuz is a player who consistently places Top 4 at National Tournaments. He is most known for his methodical play, and subtle spacing game. His contributions to the community range from fun streams to informative Youtube videos for those getting into competitive Super Smash Bros. Give him a follow and be on the look out for future tournaments he will be attending and videos he will be creating.


So Dabuz, TSG Asks, "You’re hosting a get together with 4+ friends. What games are you bringing out?"

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Let’s be honest here, anyone who knows me saw this coming from a mile away.  You can fight almost anywhere in the Nintendo universe with a huge roster of Nintendo characters in a mindblowing amount of ways. No where else can you settle the debate of what would happen in a fight between Mario and Link in a Pokemon Stadium.  Items add even more insanity which leads to great laughs, a personal favorite being Pokéballs only, on high. Custom stages ensure you can make and play what you dream.  Custom smash means even extra craziness, such as having giant metallic characters moving twice as fast as normal.  The best part of it all?  You can have up to 8 players at once, meaning no one should be left out of the fun!

Console: Wii U 
Genre: Fighter, Party
Price range: $50+
amazon-1 unnamed (1)

Super Mario 3d World

You know what’s more fun than playing a 3d Mario game?  Playing it with friends?  You ever want to go through mushroom kingdom, underwater, bowser’s castle and more allies, you got it.  You ever want to tag team the enemies and bosses of the mario world with buddies?  You can do that.  You want to play “escort the person who is wasting all your lives”?  You can do that.  Ever wanted to play tug-o-war over controlling a surfing dinosaur?  You can do that.  You ever get so mad at someone that you want to toss them into a pit of lava?  You can certainly do that!  Just don’t be surprised when they come back for revenge.  SM3DW is already an excellent game by itself with multiple characters, new powerups, the multiplayer is just icing on the cake that makes it perfect for a group of friends looking to have fun with each other, compete with each other, or just mess with each other!

Console: Wii U 
Genre: Platformer
Price range: New - $50+, Used - $35+
unnamed (1) amazon-1

Last week’s question:

How has playing video games impacted the way you view certain situations in life? 

Video games have taught me to have unwavering dedication and determination to overcoming any challenge. Growing up playing a lot of games, I got bored when things were too easy and found myself spending huge lengths of time always trying to complete games on the hardest difficulty, beat the super secret bosses, ect. Whether it’s a level 9999 dragon who will destroy the cosmos unless I perfectly dodge every single attack for hours, or a 10 page Essay due in 1 day, I am committed to finishing what I start triumphing over any obstacle because I view it as a fun challenge…this probably explains why I put so much time into getting good at Super Smash Bros.!

What are you playing?

Shovel Knight’s Plague Knight Expansion, Super Smash Bros., Undertale, Mario Maker, and Etrian Odyssey Untold 2!

Follow Dabuz for more of his thoughts and play! Enjoy the rest of the staff’s and community’s answers below!

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 Scourge768When i do this, goat simulator is hands down the most played title. I kind of wish i was kidding but im not. Probably due to the 4-player split screen option. Seriously, MKX is on for a half hour, then goat sim comes out and it is played for 3+hrs

Console:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android, iOS
Genre: G.O.A.T.
Price Range: $10
goat steam_512

Old_Man_MothinatorSportsball is a wonderful party game. It’s silly enough to have a good laugh over, and easy to pick up and learn, but still competitive enough that it will stay fun throughout the gathering, and to top it all off the matches are short.

Console: Wii U
Genre: Sports, Party
Price Range: $10

poopster9000While it isn’t exactly a party game or a Nintendo game, I couldn’t help but mention Ratchet and Clank 3’s Multiplayer Mode. I forgot what rules we set (sorry, we played for a long time and it was really late), but I remember that it was a 2v2 Capture the Flag mode with Bases you could conquer.

My friends and I usually play Nintendo games together, like Smash, Wii Party U, Nintendo Land, Mario Party, the usual. For some reason, we decided it would be a good idea to play Ratchet and Clank HD Collection. I found out that Ratchet 3 had a multiplayer mode. We decided that this would be a good idea, so we all started playing. Ratchet and Clank 3’s multiplayer was the Best/Worst gaming experience I’ve ever had. If you think Mario Party ruins friendships, you haven’t seen anything. Mario Party is a door ding in your friendship, R&C3 is a hail storm. You’ll be fighting with your teammate on capturing bases, gathering weapons, getting the flag, protecting your flag, protecting your base, fighting off the other team, and helping out your friend when he’s in danger. There’s so much to keep track of that the game slowly makes everyone go insane. Some people, like a few of my friends, couldn’t handle all the things to keep track of and ended up getting grumpy for the rest of the night. The game is a whole lot of skill and a whole lot of fun. It’s to see what team is the best at multitasking, and I love it. But, I hated the experience because my grumpy friends still complain about that night. No, really. It’s been three months since we last touched that game and we all still argue about it.

TL;DR: One of the best games ever that keep track of your teamwork and multitasking skills. It’s also the best at keeping your best friends bitter for months.

Console: PS2, PS3
Price Range: PS2 - $6, PS3 Collection - $15+
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