TSG Asks: What video game soundtrack would you want to see performed live?

Diddy Kong Racing. Nope, I’m not joking. That game was the very first N64 game I played (and later owned), and that music has burrowed itself to a very special place in my heart (which is probably unhealthy). A good third of my total playtime with that game was dedicated to sitting in the music test menu while I played with toys or read. It would be incredible to hear those low-fi midi tracks rearranged and orchestrated, live. It would be a fairly exhausting experience because most of the music is so high energy (it is a racing game after all), but there’s also a lot of potential for creative visual accompaniment, and maybe even some crowd interaction.

It’s hard to narrow down a single soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu that I would prefer to listen to. He is hands down my favorite game composer, having written and performed some of the most iconic tracks in gaming history. If I had to pick, I suppose it would be Final Fantasy IX, my favorite in the series, but even if I ended up seeing a concert for VII or X, I wouldn’t be disappointed. As I write this, I am literally masticating at the thought of hearing The Dark Messenger live…

I would love to see the music of Mass Effect performed live. Just the thought of hearing the first game’s ambient and soothing title theme through a live orchestra gives me chills. There are other game’s that have rousing, bombastic scores, but one of the things the music in Mass Effect did so well was exploring the range between understated, tense, and driving musical ideas. The score is heavily atmospheric and I would love to see some synthesizers performing along with an orchestra to get that futuristic, spacey tone the series’ score pulls off so well.

My favorite game on the 3DS has a score that can rival that of Star Wars or Zelda. In fact, don’t tell the Zelda Symphony, but I think the soundtrack from Kid Icarus: Uprising is the greatest video game music I’ve ever heard. Since half of the game is on-rails, meaning you’re carried through the level at the game designer’s pace, the game scores those sections like a film. The result is a truly cinematic experience complete with swelling crescendos, wailing strings, and memorably tense moments.

Let us know what video game soundtrack you’d love to see live!

Written by TSG Staff

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