TSG Asks: What is your favorite Zelda instrument?

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Welcome to another edition of TSG Asks, where we ask a question to our staff and then to all of you. This week is extra special because we are giving away two tickets to the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses on July 22 in San Diego during Comic-Con. Read on for your chance to enter. In honor of the Symphony we asked the Top Shelf Gaming staff:


Is the Ocarina of Time really the fan favorite Zelda instrument? See our answers below and then enter to win the drawing!

id_leeI think it’s quite obvious that the Ocarina of Time is the best instrument from across the Zelda franchise. Yes, the Goddess’s Harp, the Spirit Flute, and the Wind Waker are certainly powerful in their own rights, but the Ocarina can control time.  Let that sink in for a moment. You can go backward, forward, you can control your own fate and become the literal master of your universe. Much like Zack in Saved by the Bell, these “Time Out”s allow you to create the perfect day, where nothing can go wrong. Things will go exactly as you ordain them and, if they don’t, you can always pause, rewind, and retry. As much as I like the other instruments available to Link throughout his adventures, the Ocarina’s power is just so incredible that it blows every other instrument out of the water.

So this is a tough one for me, because practically I really like the Wind Waker but the Goddess’s Harp is just relaxing. I appreciated how you could play the harp in Skyward Sword by waving your hand with the Wii Remote and Link would play along to the background music no matter how you strummed but it was more of a novelty. However the Wind Waker has the most utility. The Wind Waker is just a conductor’s baton, but it is imbued with magic so even though it isn’t a traditional instrument it can still create melodies. Not only can it control the wind itself but it can control other people. Can your precious Ocarina do that? Not to mention that the Wind Waker can double as a blunt object.

id_jesseOh, the Ocarina of Time, for sure. While the Wind Waker and the Harp are kinda cool conceptually (especially the Wind Waker), the Ocarina was by far the most fun to play. Not only did you have six individual notes that you could play but you raise and lower the pitch with the joystick so you could play any song you wanted. I remember musically experimenting with it time and time again. Even better, the songs you learn on the Ocarina are some of the most memorable tunes in Zelda, despite the limitation of only being in one of two keys and having the same six notes. It always amazes me how Kojj Kondo could make these songs sound so complete despite their simplicity.


I would definitely have to say that the greatest instrument in a Zelda game would have to be the Ocarina of Time.

First, we must consider the name. It just sounds boss. Anything “of time” sounds awesome. Watch, “squirrel of time.” That sounds like a pretty cool squirrel, right. In that regard, the Ocarina of Time fully trumps things like the “flute” or the “recorder.”

Second, just in case you grow bored with the scripted songs in Ocarina of Time, the creators allowed you a full octave and a half of notes to mess around with when you aren’t running from Lon Lon Ranch to Goron Mountain. I may or may not have spent time playing some random pop songs on the Ocarina of Time.

Also, if you don’t think that an Ocarina is manly enough, when Link uses the instrument after donning one of the race masks in Majora’s Mask, the Ocarina transforms into pipes, drums, or a guitar. Yeah, not only does this little potato-shaped note maker open up a tme machine, and stop a moon from crashing into the world, it transforms into other instruments when you wear masks. What else do you want in an instrument.

I for one, can not wait for the grade when my kids have the opportunity to play recorders in school. My kid will be showing up with the Ocarina of Time.


I’m going with the Spirit Flute. Yeah, it has cool powers and stuff and I definitely think it would be cool to have a pan flute that doubles as a metal detector, but above everything else, it’s the one instrument in game that forces its players to hold up their portable electronic devices to their faces and blow on them, and that’s simultaneously really fun and hilarious to watch. Everyone wins with the Spirit Flute.


Written by TSG Staff

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