The Podcast Formerly Known as Trust Sircle Episode Round Up (AUDIO)

It’s podcast pandemonium as three whole episodes of Trust Sircle, the number one podcast on, are dropping all at once, just like Netflix! So listen to them one at a time or binge the snot out of them, just give these guys a listen, you’ll be glad you did.  Follow @topshelf_gaming

Episode 13: Gamerhood Community Outreach

Oh no, where’s Marcus? Tanner, Renz and Liz take the reins of the discussion this week as Marcus is “out doing adventures and stuff,” focusing on such topics as: Halo 5 Guardians’ new release date, new Nintendo Direct news including the new Super Smash Bros DLC and special features to get your favorite characters in the game, the Arkham Knight PS4 bundle, as well as mediations on the gamer community with game streaming and esports.  Good Guy Gamer of the Week highlights a sweet charity called Awesome Games Done Quick and Beats by Daisy hits with a double track olympics spectacular featuring classics from Super Mario World vs Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. 

Episode 14: Stomach Growls for Smash Bros

Marcus and Renz discuss their top picks for new additions to the Smash Bros family; Ivysaur, Bayonetta, and Shovel Knight, we’re looking at you.  Also the boys touch on the news of the week, including the announcement of GTA 5 coming to the PC, Bastion to the PS4, Black Ops 3 confirmed with a special new mode, and Warner Brothers’ plan to make a Five Nights at Freddy’s movie as well as get into the nitty-gritty of their thoughts about the upcoming Halo 5.  Good Guy Gamer of the week features a blog called GamerDad which educated parents about media violence and the effects that it can have on people and Beats by Daisy featuring a throwback to the original Halo theme song. 

Episode 15: It’s about Music Today

It’s about music today as Liz takes the reins this week with Renz and Hannah along for the ride for another exciting installment of Trust Sircle, focusing on the importance and effect that music has on gaming.  The crew takes on the week’s news, including but certainly not limited to the release of the Journey soundtrack on vinyl, Windows 10 launching in late July, a new Steam policy limiting users, the announced release of Star Wars Battlefront as well as discussing a mod controversy currently brewing on Steam. Beats by Daisy features a mashup of songs from Kentucky Route Zero and the Dishonored soundtrack.


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