Tom Clancy’s The Division holds Open Beta Feb. 18

Ubisoft has recently announced that its Open Beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division will begin on February 18th. Just to be clear, the Xbox One beta will start Feb. 18, but PS4 and PC players will have to wait until the 19th to join the fray. Nonetheless, anyone can preload the beta on Feb. 16 and everyone will be able to play for free without any type of restrictions until the end of Feb. 21.

Compared to its Closed Beta phase, Tom Clancy’s The Division’s Open Beta will include a brand new story-related mission for players to explore as they attempt to win back New York. To top it off, Ubisoft is giving away a unique in-game award, which will unlock when the full game is purchased, for all of those who participate.

So far Tom Clancy’s The Division has been receiving high compliments with each of its testing phases. However, since this is the last test before the actual launch, the gameplay, graphics, and overall presentation need to excel and exceed expectations. There’s going to be a lot of traffic next weekend, and I’m sure everything will hold up fine, but the point is to amaze, not just satisfy. Plus, one too many glitches, or one too many negative comments, can hurt the sales quite a bit. The Division has been on almost everyone’s radar for a while now, and it’s safe to say that Ubisoft won’t have too much to worry about.

[Source: Twitter]

Written by Evan Burkin

He studied creative writing and business administration while attending Chapman University. Currently, he's a grant writer and copywriter by day and a gamer by night. He has a particular love for SRPGs, and he will gladly waste away entire weeks grinding his team to perfection.

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