Tamagotchi’s 20th year anniversary revives its iconic toy

The toy no one expected to return and no one asked for.

The 20th anniversary edition pays homage to the original design of the first Tamagotchis.

Everyone who grew up in the 90s knows about Tamagotchi. The round, beeping gadgets captured the minds of children everywhere. It’s been 20 years since their release and now Bandai America is bringing the iconic toy back to the Americas on November 5 for $14.99. Pre orders can be made starting today.

The United States isn’t the only country to  receive the 20th anniversary toy. Bandai Japan released the toy in Japan back in March for around ¥2,000 (approximately $20). There were a limited quantity of these, which could be the case for the United States as well. Yet, this isn’t Bandai America’s first attempt to bring back the game. In 2014, they released Tamagotchi Friends, a spinoff that resembled the original Tamagotchi toy, but with added features. Even before then, Tamagotchi had their own video game series like Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop, a shop simulator for the DS, and Tamagotchi: Party On, a party game on the Wii.

Tamagotchis were a central part of growing up during the 1990s.

The concept of releasing older systems to a new generation is becoming a trend in the market, the most prominent examples being the NES and SNES Classic. Console revivals like the SEGA Classic Game Console and the Atari Flashback Gold showcase this consumer demand. Each of these systems provide nostalgia, an idea that has shown success in the numerous remasters from the likes of Call Of Duty and Sonic the Hedgehog. While it can be seen as a quick cash grab, these reiterations provide a way for classic titles to exist today,  rather than be forgotten over time. Gamers appreciate both the new and the old, and when given the opportunity to revisit a series they forged fond memories with, they won’t hesitate to replay them. Will this trend reflect in the Tamagotchi toy? Only time will tell.

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Written by Matthew Shiroma

Matthew Shiroma is currently an undergraduate student studying for a B.S. in Computer Science while minoring in Game Programming and Development. While his main prowess is coding, he is open to experiment with other fields such as writing and drawing. When Matthew is not buried under schoolwork and outside projects, he loves catching up on his exponential list of video games, binge watching YouTube and Netflix, or managing his gaming YouTube channel.

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