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    Trust Sircle Podcast Ep. 22: Why are gamers so grumpy?

    People like Jim Sterling, “Angry” Joe, and of course, the Game Grumps, make their living off of complaining about video games. So Valerie asks a simple but poignant question: If gamers love games so much, why do they spend so much time criticizing them? Supplemental Reading Why Donald Trump is actually Ulfric Stormcloak Part 1: […] More

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    Trust Sircle Podcast Ep. 21: How You Doin’? #2

    On our second edition of “How You Doin’?”, the gang games the system to get free Taco Bell, learns what it’s like being the ugly stepsister, and offers advice on how to be compassionate people in this tumultuous political season. Supplemental Reading What is the Nintendo Switch and what should it be? Nintendo Switch Presentation […] More

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    Was the Nintendo Switch’s predecessor a good console? – A look back at the Wii U

    The release of a new console has historically been a tremendous moment in gaming; whether it offers incredible leaps in graphics technology or a new approach to how we think of “games.” When the Wii U was first demonstrated at E3 2012 it represented the vanguard of the newest console generation yet its seemingly underpowered […] More

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    Hideo Kojima honored as “industry icon”

    The Game Awards started off on a personal, emotional, and ultimately uplifting note this year. Following the half-hour or so of pre-show footage, host Geoff Keighley took the stage to announce that Hideo Kojima, beloved creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, had been awarded the Industry Icon Award. Briefly summarizing the artist’s tumultuous year, […] More

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    Overwatch Wins 2016 Game of the Year at the 2016 Video Game Awards!

    This year at the 2016 Game Awards in downtown Los Angeles, the audience was overjoyed to hear that this year’s Game of the Year award went to Blizzard’s hit MMO FPS Overwatch!  The night represented an achievement for the Overwatch team as the developers walked up on stage to accept the coveted award having bested […] More

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    How Achieving Platinum Rank in Overwatch sucked me back into Competitive eSports

    Season 3 of the in-game competitive Overwatch ladder starts tomorrow and as I mentally prepare for the battles to come, I also reflect on how Overwatch has changed my life in just a few short months. Overwatch quickly became one of my all time favorite games. I tried Blizzard’s hero-based shooter for the first time on […] More

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    Overwatch World Cup is On at BlizzCon!

    Once more unto the hype train! The Overwatch World Cup resumes today! For those not in the know, Blizzard sponsors several large eSports tournaments at their annual convention BlizzCon. The Overwatch tournament, dubbed the “Overwatch World Cup,” is of particular interest due to the game’s recent release and huge success. Arguably the biggest event for the […] More

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    Over 100 students attend Chapman eSports Overwatch and Smash Bros. tournament

    Last Friday, Chapman University’s eSports club held their inaugural Fall Smash Bash, an open tournament for Nintendo’s fighter Super Smash Bros. Melee and Blizzard’s flagship shooter Overwatch. Over 100 people attended the TeSPA and PizzaPress sponsored event, including a handful of non-Chapman students. Among the competitors, Chapman’s official Overwatch team entered the 3v3 tournament. Chapman […] More

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    How We were Roped into the World of Overwatch

    In 2014 at Blizzcon San Diego, Blizzard released an exciting short film for its first original first-person shooter IP ever, Overwatch. Now after more than a year Overwatch has enjoyed a successful release reaching many reviewer’s top 10’s and gardering a cult fallowing from normal players to celebrities. However that got me thinking; originally we […] More

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