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    “Personal Bubble” gameplay mechanic tackles sexual harassment in online VR game

    After author Jordan Belamire wrote a reflection on Medium about experiencing sexual harassment in online virtual reality game QuiVr, developers Jonathan Schenker and Aaron Stanton responded by enhancing the “personal bubble” gameplay mechanic to act more like a protective superpower against any unwanted advances. The “personal bubble” originally was created to be a reactive setting […] More

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    Over 100 students attend Chapman eSports Overwatch and Smash Bros. tournament

    Last Friday, Chapman University’s eSports club held their inaugural Fall Smash Bash, an open tournament for Nintendo’s fighter Super Smash Bros. Melee and Blizzard’s flagship shooter Overwatch. Over 100 people attended the TeSPA and PizzaPress sponsored event, including a handful of non-Chapman students. Among the competitors, Chapman’s official Overwatch team entered the 3v3 tournament. Chapman […] More

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    Twitch Expands with Video Hosting and Twitch Prime

     Twitch now allows users to upload gameplay videos of any length to the site, allowing specialized content to be held on the site indefinitely. By enabling this feature, Twitch is now poised to compete head-to-head with YouTube, which offered both live and pre-recorded video streaming. This opens up the possibility of Let’s Plays, game reviews, […] More

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    New Overwatch character widens feminist ideals. Called your grandma lately?

    To all you Overwatch players out there, Blizzard announced a new update introducing a new character. Ana is a sniper, but has a support role. That’s right, a healing sniper. Her abilities include: a Biotic Rifle which restores health to teammates and deals damage to opponents, has scope zoom to help accuracy of shots, a Sleep Dart […] More

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    TSG Asks: What qualifies a game as an eSport?

    ESports is gaining traction in both the gaming community and wider sports community, so much so that there are now analytics platforms dedicated to competitive gaming analysis. With games like League of Legends airing on ESPN and Heroes of the Storm tournaments selling out stadiums, it is clear that competitive gaming is a train that […] More

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    The eSports Revolution and Analytics: An Interview with StatSpy

    Over the past few years, analytics has become the hottest buzzword in wide world of sports. A game-changing type of analysis built on the backbone of spreadsheets and fantasy sporting leagues around the world, analytics, much to the chagrin of old-school traditionalists, has revolutionized the way both fans and team management interact with the sports […] More

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    The eSports Scene is Still in its Infancy

    I am sure that many of you eSports fans have already heard about the King of Blades controversy that took place within the Heroes of the Storm (HotS) community recently. If you have no idea what I am talking about, pause. We have some catching up to do. To put it simply, a competitive Heroes […] More

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    UC Irvine to Provide Scholarships for eSports

    The University of California at Irvine has announced that it will begin support of a unique eSports program, featuring a dedicated eSports arena and dedicated scholarships for up to 10 students who participate on the team. UC Irvine is the first state-funded school in the United States to support eSports with scholarship resources. Robert Morris […] More

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    Shaq, Arod, and Rollins invest in NRG eSports: Professional Sports and eSports Continue to Coalesce

    ESports received another shot of traditional sports “legitimacy” this week, as according to the Daily Dot, former beloved professionals of their respective sports, Shaquille O’Neal, Alex Rodriguez, and Jimmy Rollins have become major investors in the NRG eSports organization. Following in the footsteps of Shaq’s former teammate, Rick Fox– who currently owns and helps manage […] More

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