System Shock Remake Inbound, Sequel in Talks

System Shock, the pair of cyberpunk horror RPGs from the 1990s that would go on to spawn the Bioshock series and influence other great titles like Dishonored and Deus Ex, has found a new home in the hands of Night Dive Studios. The relatively new developer had acquired the rights to the series back in November, and have now announced that not only do they plan on creating a modern remake of the first System Shock from the ground up. But Night Dive claim that they are also undergoing talks to create a third, entirely new game in the series, along with former members from original developer Irrational Games. This is excellent news for old veterans of the original games, as well as any current fans of Bioshock or any of the other spiritual successors to the seminal series.


Night Dive was formed back in 2013 with the goal of rejuvenating retro titles on the PC. The studio has been acquiring the rights to older games and re-releasing them digitally, including remasters of both System Shock games. The System Shock remake would mark the studio’s first in-house production. Based on how well the remake is received, Night Dive hopes to receive a publisher big enough to begin development on the sequel.

The original System Shock was a late entry of the Doom and Quake era of shooters, and was able to carve out its own place in the gaming sphere by having a unique, atmospheric narrative and light RPG elements. System Shock 2 was decidedly more of an RPG than either System Shock or Bioshock, allowing for a variety of playstyles. Both games trapped players in overrun space stations under the control of the rogue AI SHODAN. SHODAN, the clear progenitor of Portal’s GLADOS, captures the personnel of her facilities and converts them into cybernetic monstrosities, providing the player with their main form of enemies. Her creepy, garbled speech and disturbing god-complex cement her as one of gaming’s best villains, and I’m excited to see her return.


Though not official, this climactic segment from System Shock 2, redone in CryEngine 3, shows what a next gen System Shock game could look like:

Did you play the original System Shock games? Are you a fan of Bioshock? On a scale of pumped to super pumped, how do you feel about this news?

Written by Ed Dutcher

Ed Dutcher is a screenwriting student at Chapman University. He owned a Super NES at one point and only learned how read so he could play Pokemon. You can also catch Ed running the gaming section at Crossfader Magazine.

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