Super Soul Bros play Celebrity Miitomo

Live video game music has significantly grown in popularity over the past decade. Outside of orchestral video game performances like The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses or Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions, one band leads the pack in video game covers. The Super Soul Bros are a 6-piece soul and funk outfit who specialize in blending the golden era of jazz with the golden era of video games. The band is currently in Tucson, Arizona preparing for their shows at Camp Fangamer.

Luckily, I had the chance to chat with them before they left. I asked them silly questions exclusively from the Nintendo app Miitomo and here’s what the boys in the band had to say.


Role in Band: Keyboard, Frontman

Favorite Super Soul Bros Cover: Megolovania (Undertale)

Imagine flowers booming in your mind’s eye…How many flowers do you see?

Robbie: A lot.

Marcus: Oh? That’s the number of lovers you’ll have in your life.

Robbie: Oh wow! I was thinking of a video I produced with my brother about Camp Fangamer. It’s a Mother 3 Convention that we’re going to this Friday with a lot of flowers in it. I saw that image in my head.

Whatever you need to justify it, man. I’m not judging you.

What did you have for dinner last night?

Robbie: We went to a place called 800 Degrees Pizza.

Marcus: Oh yeah? What toppings?

Robbie: These types of pepperydoos or something, grilled onions, and salami.

Marcus: Nice!

Would you rather be poor but popular or rich but lonely?

Robbie: I’ve been poor and not even popular so anything is an upgrade.

Marcus: (laughs) I feel you on that one.

Robbie: Yeah so I’ll take poor but popular. As a musician I don’t expect to make a lot of money.

Marcus: Well you definitely made a fan out of me after watching you guys perform at E3 so it’s already working. As for becoming rich, you guys sell a lot of your music and some other really well-made merch on the Super Soul Bros online store. I would literally buy one of everything you’re selling if I could afford it.


Role in Band: Trombone

Favorite Super Soul Bros Cover: Fourside (Earthbound)

If someone packed you lunch, what would you hope to find inside?

Christian: A hotdog would be good.

Marcus: That’s it?

Christian: A streak sandwich, some sushi and a poke bowl.

Marcus: I’m not so sure you can eat Pokéballs.

What do you think my favorite food is?

Christian: You look like a healthy guy.

What part of my chubby physique gave him that impression?

Christian: Maybe celery? Peanut butter maybe? I can see you chillin’ at the club with a Cran Vodka.

Marcus: You’re way off. It’s tacos.

Christian: Oh sweet! Yeah of course!

Marcus: What about you? What’s your favorite food.

Christian: Probably a good ribeye and a bottle of red wine.

Feel free to invite me to a dinner party anytime, my dude.

What memory embarrasses you just thinking about it?

Christian: In Jr. High, this girl and I were playing around and I accidentally knocked her down and she started crying really hard and all the other kids came and stood around us giving me very judging looks. I went home feeling really bummed.

Marcus: Oh man, that sucks. Have you talked to her since?

Christian: Yeah, we’re cool now though.

Have you ever gotten a gift from your parents that you were really disappointed about?

Christian: I actually haven’t got anything. I’m not rich or anything but when it was my birthday my parents would get me what I wanted. When I was older I started getting money.

Marcus: Free money is always appreciated.


Role in Band: Saxophone, Arranger

Favorite Super Soul Bros Cover: Spring Yard Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Imagine flowers booming in your mind’s eye…How many flowers do you see?

Alex: Just one.

Marcus: That question is supposed to symbolize how many lovers you will have in your lifetime.

Alex: Oh yikes! Kinda sad…

Marcus: Actually that’s very very respectable!

What did you have for dinner last night?

Alex: Oh yeah, that’s awesome. We went to Fatburger which is in LA and I did the XXXL Burger Challenge and beat it! I got a little certificate for eating the whole thing in under 45 minutes.

Marcus: That’s awesome! How big is it?

Alex: I believe it’s three patties that are really thick, like the buns can’t contain them. And it’s just stuffed full of everything. Actually three of us beat the challenge at once.

What’s a mysterious experience you’ve had?

Alex: So a few months ago the band was over at MAGFest over on the East Coast and the band was hanging out in our hotel room and it was pretty late, about 3 a.m. We decided to go back down to the convention and hang out with some people. So we leave the room and get to the elevator and there’s a guy sleeping against the window near the elevator. And we get near him and he asks us in a sleepy voice, “Are you guys the Super Soul Bros?” We say, “Uhhh yeah. It’s 3 a.m.” And he says “I’ve been waiting for this.” Then he pulls out his phone and then takes a selfie with us without even asking us to pose or anything and then leaves.

That’s one of the weirdest things that’s ever happened to us. We don’t know exactly who he was, why he was waiting for us on our floor, or anything.

Marcus: That’s so weird! So you never saw him after that?

Alex: We never saw him after that. It was crazy.

Marcus: I guess it’s cool to have fans that are really devoted. *Kanye shrug*

Alex: Yeah, I didn’t think we even had fans. It was only our second MAGFest.

Marcus: (Staring intently and in a creepy voice) I was waiting for you!

What is your favorite thing about cats?

Alex: My favorite thing about cats is that they don’t care about you and they don’t try to pretend that they care about you. So there’s no guessing.

Marcus: I guess you know what you’re getting. You get what you pay for.

Alex: It knows the deal.

Marcus: It’s like a contract. “We’re not going to have love here, we’re just going to live together”

Alex: (laughs) Yeah like roommates.

What memory embarrasses you just thinking about it?

Alex: Oh boy…(strokes beard thoughtfully) which to choose, which to choose…Probably one of those ones where you wake up in the middle of the night screaming, “WHY?!” Oy, there’s so many and they’re all flooding back at once.

Marcus: This is traumatizing!

Alex: In recent memory, the one that I can’t stop thinking about, I was just at my friend’s wedding and I was one of the groomsmen. And basically, the room that everyone was waiting in to walk down the aisle, everyone was talking and I couldn’t hear anything so I walked about halfway down the aisle way earlier than my cue with everyone staring at me. His mom was making the most angry face while pointing back and I had to walk back into the waiting room and then five seconds later walked right back out slowly with everyone staring at me. In recent memory that’s the one where I keep waking up at night screaming.

Marcus: Yeah that one hurts. I think we’ve all had those moments. Even things that happened when I was five, it just never leaves you.

Alex: (grimly) It never leaves you.


Role in Band: Drummer

Favorite Super Soul Bros Cover: Bob-omb Battle (Super Mario 64)

Marcus: So Alex said you really like cats.

Chris: Yes I love cats!

So what’s your favorite thing about cats?

Chris: Oh man there’s just so many things! Well they’re soft, except the ones that don’t have the fur.

Marcus: Do you still like those ones?

Chris: I haven’t even ever met one of those kinds of cats. I’ve seen them.

I was bothered that he used the term “met”, like he goes around introducing himself to cats, but I tried to be a professional journalist and carry on with the interview.

Chris: I don’t know I like cats because they’re kind of calm and just chill. They also like to play but they’re not a lot of work. I think I identify with them probably because my parents had cats growing up. I also had a dog and still have a dog now. I like dogs and cats but there’s something about cats that’s calming.

Marcus: So in terms of pets, you think cats are perfect.

Chris: They’re purrrr-fect.

Imagine flowers booming in your mind’s eye…How many flowers do you see?

Chris: A field.

Marcus: Ahh alright. (nudges arm) A player! This is supposed to be the number of lovers you’ll have in your lifetime.

Chris: (laughs) That’s pretty interesting. I definitely don’t consider myself a player, but hey if that’s one of those Chinese horoscope type of things that’s giving me the answer then who knows?

What do you think my favorite food is?

Chris: Pizza.

Marcus: Nope, but just as unhealthy. Think south of the border.

Chris: Mexican food? That was going to be my second guess.

Marcus: Even more specific.

Chris: Burritos?

Marcus: Closer.

Chris: Tacos!

Marcus: Yes! So what’s your favorite Mexican food dish.

Chris: It’s either burritos or something like chicken mole.

Marcus: So you have that like Cali food and then that authentic Mexican food.

Chris: We have a lot of that authentic Mexican food in San Jose California and I’m actually going to Mexico in a couple days so I’m excited for the food.

Marcus: Well let me know how that goes because that sounds awesome.

What memory embarrasses you just thinking about it?

Chris: Oh man! So Alex in the band had this ongoing thing with hiding my cymbal bag and he would hide it at places like at school. So we played this summer party one time and I was loading up my car with my drums and I had pretty much everything packed up. I just had to go and grab one thing so I could drive away from the party. Well Alex takes my cymbal bag and I saw him running away and it was in the dark because the party was over. What I thought was a field of grass, running after him, was really a pool.

Marcus: (chuckling)

Chris: I ran straight into the pool fully clothed with my wallet, my phone, and everything. It was just the worst because it wasn’t just terrifying thinking I was stepping on grass and all of a sudden I’m under water, but I had to come out of the water and be like “Great now everyone’s going to be laughing at me.” And it was the worst.

Marcus: Wow, that’s rough.

Chris: It was but it’s not the worst thing that could happen.

Contrary to what he said just seconds before.

Marcus: That’s still pretty bad.

Chris: And then people were saying the next day at school, “I heard you made a pretty big splash at the party”.

Marcus: (laughs) Kids.

Chris: (laughs) Yeah, exactly!

Thank you so much to the Super Soul Bros for hanging out with me for a little bit and making me feel like a funk master for a few minutes. To learn more about them head to their website where you can listen to their music and see where they’re performing next. Also, follow these guys on Twitter for updates, Twitch for live music on Fridays and Sundays, YouTube for concert recordings and all the other social medias everywhere. You might find a couple of them on Tinder too, just in case you ever wanted to go on a date with a rock star.  Just maybe don’t follow them around in real life like the mysterious man at MAGFest.

Written by Marcus Garrett

Marcus created Top Shelf Gaming to celebrate the awesome things about the video game industry while challenging the areas of the video game community that could be improved. He loves playing guitar and eating tacos, but never at the same time.

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