Street Fighter V Inputs Rage Quitter Retribution

Capcom released a statement recently saying that this upcoming week will be the beginning of rage quitter retribution in Street Fighter V. In other words, Capcom took note of community complaints about players disconnecting to retain their League Points and win streaks. That’s something that can easily destroy any joy in a competitive community and replace it with a much more hostile setting, which is why a lot of players are confused why a punishment system wasn’t already in place.

Nonetheless, to help keep Street Fighter V from falling into further chaos and to keep the rankings accurate, Capcom promised that disciplinary measures will be issued. Though a permanent solution to this issue is in the works, a temporary practice will start this week. They even asked for the community to help by recording their matches (through PS4 SHARE function, Twitch archives, etc) and sharing this information with them.

It is unsure if the initial threat helped reduce the number of rage quitting in Street Fighter V. However, it will be interesting to see what punishment awaits those who have kept up the practice. Hopefully, it is quite cruel.

Source: Capcom

Written by Evan Burkin

He studied creative writing and business administration while attending Chapman University. Currently, he's a grant writer and copywriter by day and a gamer by night. He has a particular love for SRPGs, and he will gladly waste away entire weeks grinding his team to perfection.

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