Uncharted producer Amy Hennig says upcoming Star Wars game will not be an Uncharted clone


Uncharted developer Amy Hennig is currently heading development of the new Star Wars video game coming out in 2018. Together with Visceral Studios, the developers who produced Dead Space and Battlefield Hardline, she hopes to create a game that isn’t “Star Wars Uncharted” but something that is “spiritually similar”.


In previous reports Hennigan’s expressed unease with joining Visceral Studios who work in conjunction with Electronic Arts. Hennigan recalled Visceral GM Steve Papoutsis’s initial pitch stating that they wanted a scrappy third-person action adventure game. In response she stated, “Imagine how heartbreaking it would be to work on something I love so much only to be crushed under the combined wheel of EA, Lucasfilm, and Disney.”  Hennig eventually joined EA after being promised that she and her team would be working closely with Lucasfilm, specifically with Lucasfilm veterans including Kiri Hart (head of story) and Doug Chiang (executive creative producer). In the past Hennig has visited Skywalker Ranch multiple times to examine props and photograph them to use in game.

From previous reports, Hennig expressed change in the AAA. While some can view this as a hypocritical action joining one of the biggest AAA developers on the market, most can see this as arranging the court in your favor. Hennig herself had set the terms and is working with her own team and not strangers. While some might call this future instalment in the Star Wars video game franchise an Uncharted clone, when it does come out it should be judged by it’s own merit.

[Source: Gamespot]

Written by Makena Morgan

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