Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts: Genn Greymane

Today marks the halfway point in our Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts series, wrapping up our Alliance leader sortings with Genn Greymane.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment. Genn Greymane.

“It’s high time these Forsaken bastards learned… that there’s nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal.” – Genn Greymane

Genn Greymane grew up in a less than ideal environment. His dad Archibald’s superiority complex was on par with Salazar Slytherin’s hatred of muggle born witches and wizards. Archie believed that asking for help was a sign of ineptitude. He and Genn didn’t exactly have the ideal father-son relationship. After his dad died, Genn took the throne. He married and fathered two children, whom he was aloof and cool towards.

Soon, Stormwind fell. The Alliance mourned the fall of the city, but Genn didn’t have time for a pity party. He didn’t want to help the Alliance because he thought Gilneas was impervious to sieges and wouldn’t ever need aid. In the end, he lent a modicum of aid. It wasn’t long until Genn couldn’t play nice with his fellow leaders. He threw a fit, miffed that Gilnean taxes were spent on orc internment camps and the Nethergarde Keep. (Sidebar: Internment camps are bad all around, but the Alliance was constantly at war with the Horde and thought they needed them. I mean, it’s called the world of warcraft.) Genn decided to erect a wall around Gilneas and leave the Alliance to deal with their 99 problems. Crowley, one of Genn’s friends, tried to get him to stay in the Alliance. He failed, and Genn was so outraged that Crowley challenged him that he through him in jail. Their spat resulted in dividing Gilneans into royalists and rebels.

In order to protect his kingdom in the Third War, Genn went to an archmage in the Kirin Tor. The archmage knew how to summon worgen – werewolf like creatures who could shift in and out of their wolf form at will. He succeeded in bringing the worgen to Gilneas, but at a cost. The curse of the worgen spread throughout the nearby lands. By the light of the full moon, Gilneans gathered to hunt down the worgen. Genn ran ahead of his hunting to party to kill a worgen because yolo, but he was bit, and the bite became infected.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment. Genn in worgen form.

The Gilneans were trapped with nowhere to run. The Forsaken attacked the wall protecting the Gilneans, while inside the city, citizens feared the worgen. Genn hid the fact that he was now cursed, retreating to his observatory in Greymane Manor during his transformations. He enforced a curfew and bolstered security, but it wasn’t enough. Others demanded the Gilneans kill all the worgen nearby and get it done with.

Soon, the worgen were within the city. Genn, his son, friend Godfrey, and Crowley (whom Genn freed for his +10 strength stat) led an attack against the worgen. Things went south really fast. Crowley ended up staying behind while the Gilneans planned an evacuation; Genn’s daughter freaked out and pulled a gun on her dad thinking he was leaving Crowley to die. And the entire time, the Forsaken are beating down the door to Gilneas.

Thinking quickly and against Godfrey’s warning, Genn administered an antidote given to him by Aranas to feral worgen. He then led everyone to Stormglen for refuge. Genn couldn’t keep his curse a secret forever, especially in such close quarters. Godfrey realized Genn was cursed and handed him over to their enemies, the Forsaken.

The next bit plays out a bit like a Shakespearean tragedy, if the whole daughter pulling a gun on her dad wasn’t enough for you. Lemme break it down: Aranas saved the day, had two of Godfrey’s biggest supporters executed, and rescued Genn from the Forsaken. Godfrey offed himself. After all the chaos calmed down, Greymane summoned his testicular fortitude, and told his people that he was cursed. Gilneas accepted him. (Yay!) Genn’s happiness that his people didn’t want to slaughter him was short lived. (No more yay.) After all, his city did just go through the ringer and was now infested with Forsaken. So, Genn sent a proverbial howler to Sylvanas Windrunner, the leader of the Forsaken. It probably said something like this: SYLVANAS WINDRUNNER. HOW DARE YOU STEAL THAT CITY.”

In the Battle of Gilneas City, Sylvanas readied her bow, and aimed high. Her arrow shot and killed Genn’s son, though it was meant for his dad. Genn had no time to mourn. Sylvanas was going to unleash a chemical plague on Gilneas and he had to GTFO. He set sail for Darnassus across the sea. When he landed, Genn apologized to the Alliance for walling off Gilneas and cutting off aid. Varian (who, you remember is a Gryffindor) wasn’t about to let Genn think everything was coming up Greymane when he ditched everyone in the Alliance. However, being the justly king that he was, Varian realized he ought to give Genn a second chance. Besides, Varian really needed anger management classes, and Genn was a pro at keeping his feral worgen side in check. After Genn helped Varian defeat the Horde in Ashenvale, Gilneas was welcomed back into the Alliance.

Genn is…

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Genn is Salazar incarnate. Some good came of Salazar – hey, we got Hogwarts with 4 houses! – but he did a lot of bad too. Slytherins are leaders like Gryffindors, but care for their own instead of the whole. He’s also self-preserving. A true Slytherin if there ever was one.


And that ends the the sorting of the Alliance leaders of Azeroth! Come back next week when we’ll start sorting the leaders of the Horde.

Written by Deva M. Gregory

Deva is a fiction writer, actor, and honorary Krogan from the Pacific Northwest. Her favorite companies include Blizzard Entertainment and Bioware. She is still waiting for her Hogwarts letter, but will also settle for the Tardis landing in her front yard. You can read more about her at

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