Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts: Gallywix and Lor’themar

We’re ending our mashup series with a bang – two installments in which we sort the last of the Horde leaders. As stated in Baine’s sorting, information gathered for Horde leaders is strictly from in-game lore and quest lines, as opposed to books and comics. These final two posts are condensed to allow us to sort multiple leaders at once. This week, we’ll be sorting Gallywix and Lor’themar. As always, I am more than happy to discuss my sortings – and yours! – in the comments.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

“All hail the greatest trade prince on Azeroth… me!” – Jastor Gallywix

Jastor Gallywix, aka Big G and the Merchant Prince, is the Trade Prince of the notorious Bilgewater Cartel, the biggest and baddest (and most loathed) goblin trading guild.

We first met Gallywix during the launch of Cataclysm. The Merchant Prince felt that he was losing power to the players and swore to wreak havoc on them. On Kazan, Mount Kajaro was violently erupting, and all goblins sought a way out. However, Gallywix had the only ship and made players give him all their hard-earned savings in order to escape Kazan. (Dick move, Gallywix, dick move.)

After the goblins were safe, The Merchant Prince enslaved his own people to harvest ore from his mines. With the orcs and Thrall’s help, the goblins confronted Gallywix, who surrendered. Saved by Thrall’s generosity, Gallywix and the goblins were offered home in Azshara and allegiance with the Horde. The Merchant Prince begrudgingly accepted Thrall’s offer. Once safe within the sanctuary of Azshara, Gallywix built his own Pleasure Palace, only to never bother living in it.

Later during Mists of Pandaria, Gallywix told the goblins that his authority usurped the Horde’s. Naturally, Gallywix was the last to join the Darkspear Rebellion. And though he bowed to Vol’jin when he was crowned Warchief, we can only presume the bow was to save face.

Gallywix is…

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This goblin is a booger. He uses his own people for his own gains, and assumes authority in any and all situation, even if he has no right to do so.



Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

“I will do whatever it takes to protect Quel’Thalas and its people.” – Lor’themar Theron

I didn’t know much about Lor’themar before this, but I’ve gotta admit – I like this Belf. Lor’themar Theron is the Regent Lord of Quel’Thalas and leader of the blood elves. Previously a ranger, the Regent Lord is a proud blood elf and loyal to his people, but is overwrought with guilt for his people’s former leaders’ betrayals. Since those betrayals, Lor’themar has been a voice for justice.

Back in Burning Crusade, Lor’themar co-led his people with Kael’thas. With no more support from the Alliance, and the Scourge at their doorstep, the blood elves needed aid. They found aid from Sylvanas, and soon joined the Horde with Sylvanas’ help after proving their blood elf badassery by ridding the Scourge in the Ghostlands.

Soon, there were no more Sunstriders left living to rule over the blood elves. With Kael’thas and Kil’jaeden out of the picture, Lor’themar stepped up to protect his people. You get the feeling that Lor’themar never wanted any power, but took the throne because the blood elves needed a wise leader.

Lor’themar is a loyal member of the Horde. This is highlighted when Garrosh demands the leader of the Blood Elves to fight off legions of Mogu in Pandaria in order to gather special mogu artifacts. Even though Lor’themar was unsure of Garrosh’s chiefdom, he did as he was told, for a time at least. Pretty soon, Garrosh’s instability and need for power became so grandiose that Lor’themar pleaded with Varian to rejoin the Alliance. (Yeah… that didn’t work.)

Soon, Garrosh attacked the Alliance. While he did, Lor’themar plotted to rid both factions of Lei’Shen. To do so, he formed an alliance with the Shado-Pan. Setting their differences aside, Jaina and Lor’themar destroyed a great deal of Garrosh’s forces, including the leader of the Mogu. It should also be mentioned that Lor’themar also firmly backed Vol’jin and the Darkspear Rebellion.

Lor’themar is…

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Lor’themar is an all-around good guy. Everything he does, he does for the good of his people, and for the good of Azeroth.


That wraps part one of our super-mega end to our Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts series. Next week, we’ll sort the final leaders of the Horde.

Written by Deva M. Gregory

Deva is a fiction writer, actor, and honorary Krogan from the Pacific Northwest. Her favorite companies include Blizzard Entertainment and Bioware. She is still waiting for her Hogwarts letter, but will also settle for the Tardis landing in her front yard. You can read more about her at

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