Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts: Baine Bloodhoof

Welcome back to Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts, where I sort leaders of Azeroth into Hogwarts Houses! Part one of this series delved into the leaders of the Alliance and their attributes. Now, we begin part two and the leaders of the Horde. Due to the vast wealth of lore on Horde leaders, as well as my limited exposure to them in game (I play Alliance), I am strictly analyzing events and lore in-game, as opposed to offering further analysis through books and comics. (I’d be opening myself up to a dissertation.) As always, I am more than happy to discuss my sorting decisions in the comments. Let’s kick off our Horde sortings with Tauren leader Baine Bloodhoof!

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

“Even in the darkest hour, we will bravely hold our heads high, and honor the Earth Mother in all we do.” – Baine Bloodhoof

I bleed Alliance blue, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have love for the Horde, especially the Tauren. Baine is as druidic as they come, despite being a warrior.  He’s a pillar of unity and calm in the midst of warcraft (zing!).

Baine is the son of the late Cairne Bloodhoof. After his father passed, he took up his role as high chieftain of the Tauren. Baine’s definitely struggled to live up to his father’s name. Daddy-o was a phenomenal leader. However, Baine has proved himself to be a leader in his own right. Back when his father was living, Baine took up arms (likely against his good hearted nature) alongside his dad in order to settle in Mulgore. During the fight, Baine was captured and then rescued by his dad, Bovan Windtotem, and Rexxar. After that, Baine accepted a place on Rexxar’s team.

This Tauren is clearly a lover instead of a fighter, but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to defend his home turf. As his dad aged and grew weaker, Baine showed the Tauren that he could take care of his people. He led fights against the Venture Company and the Palemane gnolls. When the Tauren capital, Thunder Bluff, was wrongfully seized by the power hungry Magatha Grimtotem, Baine was quick to snatch it back.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

During a world event precipitating the Cataclysm, restless elementals attacked capital cities of the Alliance and Horde. Again, Baine protected his home and people from the chaos. Another event showing his peaceful nature is what transpired in the aftermath of Camp Taurajo. Alliance destroyed the camp, and tons of Tauren wanted vengeance. Baine disagreed and said anyone who wanted violence was no longer welcome at Thunder Bluff.

Later, during Mists of Pandaria, Baine followed Garrosh to Pandaria where he was infusing malevolent Sha energies into orcs. The orcs went cray-cray, unable to handle these foreign energies taking over their bodies. Baine asked General Nazgrim to help him and champions of the Horde knock sense back into the sha-infused orcs.

Baine soon learned that the Darkspear trolls planned to rebel against Garrosh. The Tauren traveled to Razor hill to discover that Vol’jin barely escaped an attempt on his life by one of Garrosh’s minions. Baine agreed with Vol’jin that Garrosh had to be stopped, but that they couldn’t charge into Orgrimmar because Tauren were still trapped within the city. With Vol’jin and the Darkspear Rebellion’s help, they worked alongside Tyrande Whisperwind to raid Orgrimmar and defeat Garrosh. After Garrosh’s demise, Thrall named Vol’jin the new Warchief, and Baine kneeled respectfully before him.

Baine is…

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Baine might be a badass warrior, but he’s an even greater badass with words. Think of him as a less drunk Tyrion Lannister. Neither want war. Our man Baine is a diplomat, not a war chief. And if you asked, I bet he’d give you a hug and welcome you into Thunder Bluff.


That wraps up the first sorting of the Horde! Don’t forget to check out the Alliance sortings for Varian, Tyrande, Council of Three Hammers, Mekkatorque, Velen, and Greymane.

Written by Deva M. Gregory

Deva is a fiction writer, actor, and honorary Krogan from the Pacific Northwest. Her favorite companies include Blizzard Entertainment and Bioware. She is still waiting for her Hogwarts letter, but will also settle for the Tardis landing in her front yard. You can read more about her at

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