Reminder: Smash 4 Ballot Closes on Saturday 10/03/15!

I know we’re all playing around with the new patch, but let’s not forget that we still have time to vote for our favorite Nintendo characters in the Smash 4 ballot!



The ballot has sparked many debates about which characters are viable for fighting or even worth considering for a spot in Nintendo’s popular fighting series. However, Nintendo does have a way of turning unconventional characters into lean, mean fighting machines, so don’t count anyone out yet. And I know you’re all wondering; I voted for Ivysaur. (Fingers crossed that Nintendo will answer mine and six other people’s prayers).


However, it doesn’t really matter if my prayers get answered as long as someone else’s do. I think the beauty behind this ballot and this game in particular  is that it allows us gamers to live out our childhood fantasies. Every time a new suggestion is brought to the forefront in forums, we all re-live the moment we first saw that character and all the moments spent playing as them afterwards. Even if our choices don’t get picked, we can appreciate that Nintendo found a way to connect the players with each other by allowing them to really explore different characters’ backgrounds and theorycraft their designs amongst other passionate gamers.

This fanmade reddit poll has a good gauge on the community’s interest. However, I’ve also been hovering around the professional Smash community for a while and here are  who I’ve observed to be the favorites of that community so far.


Comment below with your choice for the ballot and we’ll send a vote your way!

Fanmade trailers by: GhostMambaTYX




Name: Krystal

Top player support: TSM ZeRo, LoF Nakat, Top Japan Players

Appeal: Krystal has her staff as well as telepathic powers, which call for a unique mid-range fighting style. She also comes from a game that only has two other characters representing it on the roster. And with the new Star Fox game set to release next year, what better way to market it than by putting one of  its beloved characters into another popular series?



Name: King K Rool

Top player support: Liquid Nairo, IQHQ Vinnie

Appeal: King K Rool is another character from an underrepresented game in Smash. His wacky weapons and gadgets could make for some entertaining play as he could be designed as a heavyweight who can both box up close and zone from a distance. However, he is speculated to not be put in the game due to its costume release back in an earlier patch, but there should still be hope for the villain.


Name: Snake

Top player support: PG MVD, Top Japan Players

Appeal: As seen from his performance in Brawl, Snake could definitely fit well into this game. His style of play was like no other character’s and was a near-perfect emulation of his own series, Metal Gear Solid. Mewtwo, Lucas and Roy all came back, so it isn’t outlandish for another veteran to return.


Name: Wolf

Top player support: Seagull Joe, Shofu

Appeal: Wolf has both his  new game and veteran appeal going for him. His style of play, though  similar to Falco and Fox’s, was unique enough to make Wolf his own character. I would like to see how much further Nintendo can push his individuality as Star Fox already has Krystal vying for a spot too. But, who knows, maybe they’ll release both. #Freewolf

Tell us your thoughts and who you hope to see as the next character in the comments below!

Written by Marcus Garrett

Marcus created Top Shelf Gaming to celebrate the awesome things about the video game industry while challenging the areas of the video game community that could be improved. He loves playing guitar and eating tacos, but never at the same time.

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