What Red Dead Redemption 2 needs to rob from GTA 5 to make $1 Billion

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been one of the most well-received games of the past few years and this success is mirrored in its sales as well. The game, despite being over 3 years old, is still topping sales charts every now and then in between the releases of major, hyped up games.

Recently, it broke the 75 million shipped copies mark and sold more units in 2016 than in both years before. Suffice it to say, Rockstar did something really well with GTA 5. Naturally, this means they’ll be trying to replicate the success in Red Dead Redemption 2, their next, upcoming release – but can they make lightning strike twice?

Red Dead Redemption 2, like its predecessor, will be an open-world adventure game set in the Wild West. While there are obvious thematic differences between this franchise and Grand Theft Auto, the developers can still make use of much that they learned from the development of GTA 5, both in terms of what to improve on and what they pulled off right.

Grand Theft Auto 5 puts players behind the wheel as often as into firefights, and while the driving mechanics are pretty solid (even if the physics engine could brush up on, you know, physics) the shooting is a tad weak. While the cover system works fine, there is little by way of visceral feedback from the shots. Every gun feels weak regardless of how much damage it deals, no weapon has any weight to it. The recoil feels like the characters are acting it out instead of actually feeling the pushback from each bang.

Getting to the shooting part of the equation isn’t a smooth ride either. Through what must be arcane magic, the player characters are capable of carrying around their entire arsenal at any given time (without a bag, what’s more) including dozens of rifles, pistols, shotguns, grenades, and heavy weapons. This isn’t a problem on its own, since more guns are usually a good thing in a video game, however like in any other game, some guns are better than others. Naturally, you’ll want to be using the best guns there are. However, to do this you’ll have to scroll through every available option in each category to select your desired weapon.

You can’t customize your loadout, you can’t permanently drop or sell weapons. By way of an update, Rockstar added a gun locker to the game, but it’s a pricey add-on to one of the most expensive properties in the game. It should be a basic design element of the game and the locker still doesn’t even work properly, since you can only have a custom loadout in free roam, and even then, all your guns go back into your inventory each time you go through a loading screen. We do like the give all weapons cheat though, that works a treat when you want to take out a few choppers with a readily available grenade launcher.

Red Dead Redemption 2 could take these issues and turn them around easily. 2010’s RDR had shooting mechanics down, so we know Rockstar is capable of giving guns some punch, and we’re hoping they flash those skills again with the sequel. Finally, just let us pick “favorites” from our weapons, alright? That’s all that is needed. Simple. Easy.

Adam Morgan is currently completing a degree in marketing and enjoys writing part-time. When you don’t find him with a controller in hand he’s probably getting some fresh air outdoors – camping or hunting, or both.

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