QotW – What is your video game wish for 2015?

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What is your video game wish for 2015?

Marcus Garrett

Nintendo has struggled to make the Wii U relevant for quite some time. I hope this is the year this amazing console becomes a household name. There’s a lot to be excited for this year from Nintendo, but I’m tired of being one of the few people in my friend group who actually owns a Wii U. I want to be able to geek out with my friends about the new Zelda the same I do with games like Destiny and Shadow of Mordor.

Tanner Hofmann

My wish for 2015? I wish for great JRPG’s! What ever happened to The Last Guardian? Also, I haven’t heard much about Capcom’s Deep Down recently and that game looks super fun. Other than that, Bloodborne looks great, Kingdom Hearts 3 will complete my life and I’m ready for the Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts love child that will be FFXV. Also, Xenoblade Chronicles X looks like a beautifully made JRPG with MECHS! This year has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Michael Lanoie

I really want console exclusives to end. I understand that this may not happen this year or anytime in the future. It upsets me when a sweet looking game comes out for PS4 and I only have an Xbox One. I may soon have to own both consoles in order to fulfill my gaming needs. I own a Wii U just for the sole reason of Nintendo Exclusives. I wish that companies will learn that they have fans on the other console and can release the games for everyone.

Liz Walcher

Well, I’m a big Half-Life fan. And every Half-Life fan has one big video game wish every year: we just want some sort of new news, whether good or bad, about Half-Life 3.

I’m worried someone will read this and think I’m joking, but I really mean that with all my heart. A really fantastic game has been made the butt of too many annoying, uncreative jokes, most of them made by people who haven’t actually played the game or experienced what it’s like to be constantly teased by Valve.

I wish for news about Half-Life 3 because I think the game and its fans deserve some closure.

Vasilios Dalpe

I have a lot of wishes in regards to gaming, but if I had to choose one that is the most important to me, it would be that Steam finally releases Episode 3. That’s all. Oh, and that it doesn’t pull a Duke Nukem Forever and ends up being terrible after being in development hell for so long. I mean it’s 2015. It’s time.

Steven Porfiri

In addition to the obvious wishes for a continuation of creativity in development and more complex storytelling I just wish for more unnecessary and ridiculous conflict in the gaming community. It wasn’t enough that people sent women with different ideas than theirs death threats, it’s time to take that level of unreasonable self-righteous fury and direct it towards casual game players. If their gamer score is less than a certain amount, I want them to rue the day they looked at a console and thought “Playing this is something I enjoy, but I also have other activities and hobbies that I enjoy as well, not to mention obligations and responsibilities.” Forget it. They are impure and what is destroying the very fabric of our society.

What do you think of our wishes? Join the discussion! Also feel free to chime in on next week’s question: What video game world would you live in and whose shoes would you fill?

Written by Renz Lorenzo

Renz is a big fan of multiplayer party games. Some of his favorites series' are Ratchet and Clank, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Pikmin and Mario Party. He loves playing with others and occasionally gets loud during intense moments of play.

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